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   Chapter 374

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Kitty had a simple lunch and spruced herself up. Then she went to the venue. There were still many fans in the venue to meet Miller today. Kitty sat quietly in her seat.

Standing on the stage, Miller went through all processes that was almost the same as before. There were many fans off the stage, but they were still very screaming loudly.

Her ears were filled with the voice of his fans who were calling the name of "Miller". Looking at the man standing on the stage, Kitty suddenly felt that the distance between them was so far. Yesterday, the two of them were still watching a movie together. Today, she was sitting off the stage and looking at that Miller from a distance. In the future, maybe she could only see that man on TV, or from his new book.

Miller's appearance went on smoothly. Seeing that Miller walked off the stage, Kitty knew that he was going to attend the banquet held by the company, so she went out of the venue room following the horde of people. Young girls were still talking about the appearance just now. They were still in an enthusiastic mood when they could see Miller at such a close distance.

After getting in the car of his assistant to the party, Miller sat on the back seat and played with his phone. His conversation with Kitty was still lingering on the message at noon. She should be still on her way home at this time, but Miller still couldn't help sending her another message.

"Drive carefully. Text me when you get home." After waiting for a long time without receiving any reply from Kitty, the car had arrived at the destination.

"Miller. Let's go inside. Everyone is waiting for us."

Hearing what his assistant, Don, said, Miller put away his phone and followed him into the restaurant. 'maybe Kitty will send me a message when she gets home. '.

Kitty looked at the message from Miller and thought for a long time, but she still made up her mind not to reply him. Perhaps from now on, she had to get used to her life without Miller being wit

t doubted that whether I was mistaken."

"Yes, yes, it's my fault."

Kitty looked at the two people in front of her and felt a little guilty, "I heard that you went to honeymoon. Did you have a good time?"

"Very well. Thank you for your concern." Rita took a look at the suitcase held by Kitty and asked curiously, "where are you going? Alone? " Rita looked behind Kitty and found no one else behind.

Kitty was stunned for a while. Well, the most embarrassing moment still came. And she had to figure out an excuse for the departure. I need to go on a business trip for a project of the Wan Group. Joanna is very busy recently, so she dispatched me to go there. "

"Oh, I see. But it is really strange that you go on the business trip only on your own. "

"They have already been on the flight. I'm a little late because I have something else to deal with." Kitty looked at her watch and pretended to be very anxious. "Well, I have to go now. You must be very tired after playing outside for such a long time and taking such a long flight. Go back to have a rest early. I'm leaving now. "

"Okay, bye."

Looking at Kitty's back, Rita frowned.

"Hey, Glenn, do you think Kitty looks a little strange today?" Rita looked at Kitty's back and said to Glenn.

Following her sight, Glenn asked, "really? I don't think so. "

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