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   Chapter 373

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 7091

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Kitty also cherished this opportunity to lean in the arms of Miller. It was an old but classic film they were watching. Kitty liked this movie very much, so she had watched it many times and she secretly looked up at Miller Miller was watching TV seriously and she could only saw his chin from below.

Noticing Kitty's gaze, Kitty lowered his head and kissed Kitty's lips. He held Kitty's head with his right hand to prevent her from running away.

It was not until Kitty was out of breath that Miller let go of his hand. As soon as Kitty broke free from his grip, she pushed his chest and complained with a blushed face, "what are you doing?"

Thinking of the kiss just now, Kitty blushed again.

"The look in your eyes just now told me to kiss you."

"When did I give you such a hint?" Kitty felt speechless and complained to Miller.

"It is you who look at me with that kind of affectionate eyes."

"You..." Kitty pointed at Miller but didn't know what to retort.

"All right, all right. I won't make fun of you anymore. Let's keep watching the movie, okay." Then Miller gently put down Kitty's hand and let her lean against him again.

Kitty didn't say anything more and just quietly leaned against Miller. Though it was a really heartwarming moment, Kitty wanted to cry.

Looking at the sleeping Kitty, Miller complained in a low voice, "you said you would watch a movie with me, but you fell asleep." but he still held Kitty in his arm and took her to the bedroom gently. Maybe she was too tired recently. He tucked her in and looked at her sleeping face. He always felt that Kitty seemed to have something hidden deep in her mind recently, but he couldn't figure it out.

He tidied her hair, closed the door and went out.

The moment the door was closed, Kitty opened her eyes. She had woken up from the moment when she was held up by Miller. But she didn't know how to face him, so she pretended to be asleep. At that moment, she really wanted to sit up and hug Miller as soon as she felt the warmth of his caress.

But she kept telling herself that her foster parents were waiting for her to

ow afternoon?"

"No problem. Don't worry."

"Thank you."

She received a message from Miller, "I am going to the venue now. But I'm still so sleepy." He also added a sleepy emoji in his text.

"Let's find some time to take a nap later."

Kitty looked at the words on the screen of her mobile phone, and her eyes were blurred by tears. She fell to the ground, tightly holding her mobile phone and silently saying sorry in her heart.

The time she spent with Miller was like a movie, repeating in her mind. What happened between them couldn't be erased.

When he was sick, he relied on her gentle care; The moment he stood on the stage shining with aura as her idol; The moment he kissed her, he so was affectionate and gentle in her heart. Every scene lingered in her mind.

She helped him clean up the room and particularly learnt to cook Chinese food for him. Thinking of his messy room and dirty clothes scattered on the ground, Kitty wondered if he could take good care of himself after her departure. If she was not here with him and Miller 's assistant was busy, could he take good care of himself.

It suddenly occurred to her that before she met Miller, he also had lived a good life alone. Perhaps she had thought too much.

It was the first time in her life that she had fallen in love with a man. Perhaps it was also the first time that her love had been pushed into an endless abyss.

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