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   Chapter 370 By Accident

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5673

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"What did you say? Are you going to resign? "

"I know it's a little abrupt, but I do have my own reasons. I'm really sorry."

Helen knew what kind of person Kitty was. She wouldn't have said that if it wasn't for an emergency.

"Is it something urgent?"

Kitty nodded, "yes."

Hearing this, Helen sighed, "Since you have spoken to me, I can't let you go. You know that besides Race, you are the most important subordinate to me. You can deal with everything well. The door of the Wan Group is always open for you. You are always welcome to come back. "

Kitty looked at Helen gratefully and said, "Helen, thank you. I won't forget your training in the past few years. If there is a chance, I will continue to work for you. "

Although Kitty graduated from a famous university, she was not a special person for a company without any experience. But Helen found out Kitty's hidden potential and brought her to the Wan Group. She even taught her a lot of things in person, which was why Kitty grew up so fast.

"You still have to give the letter of resignation to Joanna. Have you told her?"

"Not yet. I will hand over my resignation letter to her tomorrow. I came here today to tell you. After all, you have trained me for so many years. I have finished my work. I won't bother you anymore. I'll go back first. "

"Okay, then be careful. If you handle your own business, you are always welcome back."

"Thank you."

Kitty went back home and found the ticket of the meeting with Miller on Thursday. Although the price was a little higher, she could just satisfy her last wish. She stood far away and took a look at him. Then she booked a ticket to the airport on Friday afternoon

many things to deal with in the company. I'm afraid he can't handle them now. "

Charlie's eyes lit up when he heard that Kitty was going to resign. What a good chance. Now he had to figure out a way to prevent Race from helping Joanna. "Do you want to hear my opinion?"

Hearing that, Helen opened her eyes and looked at him with interest. "Tell me."

Charlie walked to the desk and sat down. "First of all, Race is indeed a capable man, but he is old. He has worked for you for so many years and has never made any mistakes. You know it very well. But on the other hand, it's really complicated to deal with the business of the Wan Group. Race hasn't had a good rest these years. I heard that his daughter has begun to work, so I think you'd better let him have more time to accompany his wife. "

"I think so too, but I haven't found someone to replace Kitty for the time being."

Speaking of this, Charlie smiled cunningly. "I have a suitable candidate."

"Tell me, do I know?"

Charlie smiled, "You know him very well. It is... me... "

When Helen heard what Charlie said, she looked at him in surprise. "You?"

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