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   Chapter 362 Knowing The Truth

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5717

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When Vicky was in a daze, the door of the study was pushed open by Race from the outside. Race knew what had happened as soon as he saw the unconscious Helen.

He rushed forward to check the situation of Helen. "CEO, what's wrong with you?"

Noticing that Helen didn't respond, Race said to Vicky who was standing aside, "Call an ambulance. Hurry up."

Hearing this, Vicky came to her senses. She hurriedly took out her phone, unlocked it and made an emergency call. "Hello, is that 120? This is... Someone fainted. Send ambulance here quickly. "

After hanging up the phone, Vicky said to Race, "I didn't mean it. I don't know why she suddenly fainted."

Hearing what Vicky said, Race didn't know what to say. He just waited patiently for the ambulance to arrive, and then immediately sent Helen to the hospital.

Vicky followed into the ambulance. Race didn't stop her and they went to the hospital together.

"Doctor, what's the situation? Why did she suddenly faint?" Race asked the attending doctor after the nurse had sent Helen to the ward.

"Oh, nothing serious. It's just that she hasn't fully recovered from the previous operation, and today because of a temporary emotional change. She can be discharged from the hospital after being hospitalized for observation for a few days."

"Well, thank you very much, doctor."

After the doctor left, Race turned around and saw Vicky's confused eyes. Thinking of what the doctor said just now, he understood that she might be guessing what the operation was.

"Did she do any surgery before? Why don't I know? "

"Only I, the CEO and Miss Joanna know about it. CEO was afraid that it would cause a commotion in the Wan Group, so she asked

up and asked, "what are you doing?" Just as she was going to step forward, she was stopped by Vicky.

"I come here today to apologize to you."

"Apologize?" Joanna couldn't figure out what was going on.

"I pushed you down the stairs and you lost your baby. It's my fault. I apologize to you because I am narrow-minded and jealous of you. But I didn't know that you were pregnant at that time. I just wanted to give you a head-on blow. I didn't mean to make you lose your child. Trust me. I really didn't mean it. "

Hearing what Vicky said, Joanna was at a loss. What should she say now?

Seeing that Joanna didn't answer her, Vicky continued, "I don't want your forgiveness. I know what I have done shouldn't be forgiven. I just hope that you can take good care of Director Helen. the Wan Group is as important as life to her. Please protect it well. I know that she had an operation before. Please take good care of her in the future. I believe you can do it well. "

"What do you mean?" Joanna always felt a little uneasy. Hearing Vicky's words, she felt as if she was leaving last word. Was there anything wrong with her?

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