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   Chapter 361

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6606

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On the second morning, Vicky went back to the mansion of the Wan Clan to meet Helen.

"You must have something important to talk to me since you came to me so early in the morning." Helen said without raising her head when she was reading the newspaper in her hands.

Hearing this, Vicky sat on the other side and looked at the actions of Helen coldly, but she was very calm. Anyway, this day would come sooner or later.

"I think you have already guessed why I came to you. Then I won't beat around the bush. I just want to know if you plan the scheme against me this time."

"Don't you already know the answer? Do you need to ask me? " When Helen heard that, her face still remained her countenance, and her tone was still calm.

Hearing this, Vicky took a deep breath and tried her best to control her emotions. "Maybe you have always thought that no matter how we fawn on you, we just do this only to win the chance to inherit the Wan Group, but I want you to know that I really want your recognition."

Seeing that Helen still remained apathetic, Vicky continued, "my parents are not very powerful and capable people. I know you look down upon them, but I really want to do everything well. I know that you used to train us as successors and try your best to make us better. But I still remember that when I was a child, you would gently ask me if I was happy or what I wanted. But since I went to middle school, you have never been so nice to me like that. Every time we come here, you would ask me if I got good grades from exams or if I behaved well at school. If I say that I have good grades, you will be very satisfied, but if my grades fall a little bit, you will be very unhappy about it. I always thought that adults cared about children's grades very much, so I had been studying hard all the time. For one thing, I didn't want others to look down upon the children of rich families. I didn't want them to think that we were only spenders who know nothing

wouldn't have done such a thing. Haven't you ever blamed yourself for it? In a word, if it weren't for you, Joanna wouldn't have lost her baby. "

Hearing what Vicky said, Helen stared at her. Of course she now understood what was Vicky's intention. But Helen did it only out of her desire to make up for Joanna's loss of her company as her grandmother. But

"You, you, you..."

"What?" Hearing this, Vicky slapped away the finger pointed at her, stood up and looked down at Helen. "Do you think you haven't done anything evil? You have been struggling and fighting in the business world for so many years, do you think that you could still remain to be innocent from your guilt? I know why you did this to me. I guess that that girl named Joanna want to kill me by herself as well, but you don't want her to be as dirty as you, right? Am I right, Director Helen? "

While speaking, Vicky kept looking straight into the eyes of Helen and didn't mean to avoid it. Anyway, she had already exposed all her thought, and she didn't care about hiding her intention anymore.

"How dare you..." Before Helen could finish her words, she covered her chest and fell down.

Vicky coldly stared at Helen who fell down on the ground. It happened all of a sudden and Vicky didn't even collect herself from her grievance.

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