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   Chapter 356 There is Gold under Men's Knees

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6519

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When she received the phone call from the police station, Joanna still couldn't believe what she had heard. How could Gary want to see her?

"Okay, I see."

Hanging up the phone, Joanna thought for a long time. Since Gary wanted to see her, she would fulfill his wish. Now he was a prisoner, and it was no longer dangerous for her.

Sitting in the meeting room, Joanna waited quietly for the prison guard to bring Gary here. Gary didn't expect that Joanna would really agree to his request. He just wanted to have a try, but he didn't expect that it would really work.

He smiled bitterly. Was he reduced to such a situation now?

The moment the door was opened, Joanna didn't know Gary at all. It was true that not everyone could live in a prison. It was obvious that the tall Gary hadn't adapted to the life there. Not long ago, Gary, who had been holding different celebrities to various parties, had become a bony prisoner. A person could really become so different in such a short time.

Sitting on the opposite chair, Gary lowered his head and didn't know where to start. Joanna just looked at him quietly without saying anything, and she was still sighing with emotion in her heart for the change of Gary

After a long silence, Gary spoke first, "Miss Joanna, I have something to ask you for today."

Raising Joanna's eyebrows, Gary actually used the word "Beg". How proud was Gary to beg her? It seemed that it was not an easy thing.

"I know I have done many bad things to you so far since we met. But I've been thinking about the jerks I've done in the past few days. I really know I was wrong. I know I don't have a chance now. I don't want to beg you to forgive me. I just want you to help me."

Joanna was even more confused. Wasn't his life the most important thing now? She really didn't understand what he was thinking about.

"I know you will be confused. I don't want to beat around the bush with you. I want you to

derstand that I am not forgiving you. It's just that I really have no deep hatred with your parents. Just as you said, even if there is a little grudge between us, it's between us, so I won't vent my anger on your parents. I agreed to your request for the sake of your filial piety. I will keep one of your houses for them to live, and I will sell the other house to pay for your debts. Have you finished what you want to say? I'm leaving now."

Joanna stood up and walked to the door first. She was still not used to others kneeling in front of her, no matter who it was. She felt goosebumps all over her body.

"Thank you, Miss Joanna."

Without hearing any more from Gary, Joanna opened the door and walked out. Gary looked at the door in a daze. If he hadn't thought of anything else from the beginning, but had been a simple friend, he might not have come to this point.

Everyone's life was chosen by himself, and only he or she could be responsible for it.

Standing outside the police station, Joanna looked up at the sky. It was still sunny. She turned to Kitty, who had been waiting for her outside, and said, "Go and choose one of the houses under the name of Gary and let his parents live in. Sell the rest to pay off the debts of the Gao group'." Then she got on the car first.

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