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   Chapter 355

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Wilson was so desired that he wanted to tickle her, but Joanna kept dodging. When the two were playing, there was a knock on the door, and the next second the door was opened.

Both of them turned to look at the direction where the voice came from. Kitty stood at the door and calmly watched the movements of the two. Sitting on the Wilson's body, there was a trace of blush on Joanna's face because of the tickle just now. However, in Kitty's eyes, this was not the case. She calmly closed the door and left, saying, "Sorry to interrupt."

Joanna stared blankly at the door that was closed by Kitty. Did Kitty misunderstand them just now?

"Ah, ah, Wilson], I'm going to kill you. You destroy my image." With her head buried in his shoulder, Joanna pounded his chest and said, "it's all your fault. Ah, ah, ah, ah, did you see Kitty's suspected look just now? That is so embarrassing." Kitty must have thought that they going to have sex. Although the clothes of the two were still intact, their current posture was easy to make people misunderstand.

At the thought of this, Joanna hurried down from Wilson's body and said to him with a blushed face, "you, you, you Go and do your own business. I'm going to work. "

Looking at the blush on her face, Wilson smiled, "then I'll go back to my own business. See you at home tonight."

After saying that, Wilson turned around and went out, leaving Joanna alone in the office. She would never allow Wilson to enter her office again. Not long after Wilson left, Kitty knocked on the door and opened it after Joanna answered.

Seeing that it was Kitty who came in, Joanna recalled the embarrassing expression on her face just now again. Now Kitty must deemed that Joanna was very giddy girl and she even dared to flirt with her boyfriend in the office.

"Kitty, it's not what you think just now. We did nothing." Looking at Kitty pitifully, Joanna hoped that Kitty didn't misunderstand her. Otherwise, if she to

n if you are in prison, I can still make you disappear from the planet within a second. "

Wilson threw Gary away, straightened his collar and left.

Although Wilson was not sure who planned the plot against the Gao group, he believed that what he had presumed was right. The one behind this must be quite powerful for it made the Gao group being completely destroyed in such a short time. Only few leaders of some mega corporation could be capable of it.

What's more, the kidnapping of Joanna had something to do with Gary, so the only person who might have the intention to plan it should be the leader of the Wan Group. It was probably a trap set by Helen. Although he didn't know why Helen did this, it did help him a lot.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Wilson, Gary wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth with his hand and smiled with self mockery. How could he still want to irritate Wilson in such a situation? He really overestimated himself.

Gary had planned to do something to impress his parents, but he didn't expect that he would make a fool of himself and made them to pay his debt. But now he was in prison and could do nothing.

Sitting in the room, Gary thought for a long time before he said to the police, "Sir, I want to see a person. Can you help me contact him?"

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