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   Chapter 353

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6315

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"What's wrong?" Rita heard Glenn's roar and came out to have a look curiously.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Rita casually wearing a bathrobe. The belt was not tied not that tightly. Under the white bathrobe was her white skin with some red marks on it. When Glenn saw Rita, he swallowed his saliva. He couldn't believe that she would come out with a bare bathrobe. He felt that his lust that had just been suppressed by Wilson gradually emerged again.

"It's okay. I'll take care of it. Let's go to do what we were interrupted just now." Then he held Rita in his arms and went back to his room, continuing their sex moment.

Looking at her phone, Joanna breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Wilson didn't find anything wrong with her words. And the doctor also said that she was fine. So she decided to confess to Wilson when he came back home.

"How did you deal with the matter of Gary?" Helen asked casually when she was flipping through a book on her hands.

"He has been arrested by the police. Even if the company's stuff is not enough to destroy him, he will not be released for the guilt he committed this time." Charlie answered the question honestly. Although Helen looked calm, Charlie knew that she must be very angry. Since she was biased in favor of Joanna, she would definitely not spare Gary an easy life.

"Well, that's good. We must do it without any mistake."

"I understand."

"By the way," Hearing this, Helen raised her head to look at Charlie and motioned him to sit down. "Why are you so concerned about the matter of Joanna?"

Heaving a sigh, Charlie said, "you're right. I have a crush on her, but your granddaughter doesn't have any feeling to me at all."

Upon hearing this, Charlie frowned. But since Charlie was a child that had maintained a good friendship with her since his childhood, Helen did concern about him. Besides, she kn

ing happened last night. I'm not afraid of being gossiped."

As soon as Joanna finished speaking, Charlie continued. "Well, I got a crush on you right because of your personality. It seems that I didn't misjudge you."

Joanna was speechless. She didn't want him to like her at all, Paying no attention to her darkened face, Charlie continued, "you said I saved you. Should you do something to thank me?"

"How do you want me to thank you? As long as it's within my ability, I can do it."

"I don't have any special requirements. Well, how about this? You treat me a meal and I'll decide the time and place. You can pay for it."

After thinking for a while, Joanna said, "Okay, but I have a condition. I have to bring Wilson with me. We can't be alone."

Of course, Charlie knew what was on her mind. Although he was a little disappointed, it didn't matter. Anyway, he didn't plan to do anything else.

"Okay, no problem. But the premise is that if you pay for the bill, you can't use Wilson's credit card, let alone let him pay."

Looking into his eyes, Joanna said, "of course, that is the deal."

It was not a serious problem at first, so after the infusion, she told the doctor that she would discharge from the hospital in the afternoon.

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