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   Chapter 351

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5679

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Hearing what Gary said, Joanna looked at him angrily, "what do you mean?"

With an obscene smile, Gary hooked her chin with his finger, but was dodged by Joanna angrily. Instead of getting angry, Gary smiled and said, "I can do nothing, as long as you agree to my request."

"You're dreaming. I'm telling you, even if I have money to donate, I won't give it to a scumbag like you. Bah... " She spit on his face.

Gary wiped the thing on his face with his hand, and pinched her neck with his hand. "I find that you are really getting more and more tough. I've already inquired about it. Wilson has gone to America for business trip. Do you think there is anyone else who can save you now?" Then he slapped Joanna across the face.

'Wilson, where are you now? I miss you so much. I need you.' Joanna cried out in her heart.

Seeing the tears silently flowing out of her eyes, Gary touched her face with his hand and said gently, "be obedient. I will be very gentle to you."

When Joanna tried to get rid of his hand, she felt sick. She really didn't want to be touched by a person like Gary, but she couldn't get rid of his grip on her neck.

Help me.

However, unexpected things would happen in life. The door was kicked open from the outside suddenly.

But the person who came to rescue her was not the one she missed, but Charlie.

As soon as Charlie entered the room, his eyes turned red. He could never bear the fact that the girl he got a crush on was almost raped but a fucking bastard. He kicked Gary away, took off his coat and covered it for Joanna. He turned around and looked fiercely at Gary in the corner. Charlie knew him, too. He was the next successor of the Gao group.

ped by Gary. Then I followed him and found that he took you to the suburb area, so I found a chance to save you."

"Then where is Gary now?" Thinking of the bloody face of Gary yesterday, Joanna felt a little disgusted. It was the first time she had seen such a nasty face. She didn't know how was Gary now. If Charlie did beat him so hard that Gary was badly injured and Charlie himself had to be liable for it, she would feel sorry. "Is there anything serious of his injury?"

"He's fine. It's said that bad people live a long life. When I hit him, I knew how to control my strength and I spared him his life. I've transferred him to the police station. Now the procuratorate is waiting to interrogate him. The evidence is conclusive enough for him to stay in prison for decades. "

Joanna was shocked. She was still deeply haunted by what happened in that room last night. And she couldn't expect that Charlie would be so calm after that. And he even claimed he had spared Gary his life.

"Thank you so much."

"I have something to tell you." Charlie said seriously. And Joanna didn't seem to retort his words as usual.

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