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   Chapter 349 The Operation Went Well

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Hearing Neil's mother's words, Rita almost burst into tears. She didn't expect that after such a thing happened to her, they not only didn't blame her, but also comforted her.

Seeing that [Rita was about to cry, Neil's mother hugged Rita with a smile and said, "Silly girl, today is a happy day. Don't cry. Neil has told you that we will move to America soon. You should be happy for us. There is no eternal banquet in the world. We will meet again one day. "

"Well, you have to be careful. America is not like China."

Looking at the back of Neil's mother, Rita recalled many years ago.

She always followed Neil. Neil's mother had a good relationship with her mother, so Neil's mother was nice to her. She always bent down with a smile and said to himself, "Rita comes to our house again. Neil, take care of your sister. I'll prepare delicious food for you."

At that time, the little Rita felt that she had to follow the Neil all the time, so that there would be delicious food all the time. As time went by, she gradually became more dependent on Neil, so she thought it was love.

Seven years later, she met Glenn again, so she had to turn around and leave.

"What's wrong with you? Today is a happy day. Why are you crying for no reason?" Looking at Rita, Glenn felt a little helpless.

"Nothing. I just thought of the past." Rita pressed her eyes to stop her tears from falling. She turned around and said to Glenn, "Please be good to me, or you will know it yourself."

"Silly girl, who am I good to if I don't treat you well?" Stroking Rita's head affectionately, Rita buried her head into Glenn's arms shyly.

The sweet interaction between the two was clearly seen by the Neil who was about to leave in the car.

From now on, I will really let you go.

No matter how reluctant he was, it was Rita's own choice. He couldn't change it, nor would he want to change it.


Joanna was dealing with the documents as usual. It took her a long time to get off work. Then she told Kitty and left immediately. It was said that every employee in the group would not work overtime. They would finish all the work before getting off work and then get off on time.

As soon as Joanna arrived at the hospital, she went to visit the doctor. When she opened the door of the ward, she saw Helen sitting on the bed and reading.

"Why don't you have more rest?" Said Joanna as she walked into the room.

"It's okay. I feel good now. I feel uncomfortable lying in the hospital every day. I just want to leave the hospital early. It's really uncomfortable to lie in the hospital."

"You can't be too anxious. Have a good rest during this period. I'm in charge of the company's affairs. You don't need to worry about it."

Hearing this, Helen was relieved. She took the hand of Joanna and patted her on the back of her hand. "I know. I'm relieved to hand over the company to you. Kitty told me that you did a good job."

"That's what I should do. I promised you that I would take good care of the Wan Group and I wouldn't let you down."

"I know you won't let me down." Not long after, Joanna went back first and asked Helen to have a good rest.

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