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   Chapter 348 The Wedding March

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Although the wedding of Rita and Glenn was not very grand and luxurious, it could be seen that Glenn was very careful everywhere.

The hall was full of lilies that Rita liked. The vicar in a suit stood solemnly in front of the stage, with the Scripture in his hand. The Wedding March began. Rita, holding her father's arm, slowly walked in.

All the guests present were close friends. They looked at Rita with a smile and clapped their hands hard.

Rita walked slowly to the stage. Standing quietly, Glenn looked at Rita with a smile. There was a smile on her delicate face, and her black eyes were full of tenderness. Her smile was as beautiful as flowers, and gorgeous.

The red carpet was not far away, and Rita quickly walked up to Glenn.

Scott solemnly put Rita's hand in the hand of Glenn. "Now I'll leave Rita to you. You must take good care of her."

"I will. Don't worry."

Holding Rita's hand, Rita gently put her hand on Glenn's hand and looked at him with a smile. And Glenn would never forget that moment. The so-called beauty was just a smile full of each Rita's eyes.

Rita held Glenn's arm and the two walked towards the priest together.

The vicar looked at the pamphlet in his hand and said, "Mr. Glenn, would you like to marry Miss Rita? From now on, I will respect her and be loyal to her for the rest of my life. No matter rich or poor, healthy or sick, no matter successful or failed, I will never leave her. I will always support her, protect her, live happily with her, and create a healthy and happy family together until death."

Looking at Rita tenderly, Glenn said firmly, "I do."

Hearing the answer of Glenn, the priest turned to Rita and asked seriously, "Miss Rita, would you like to marry Mr. Glenn. From now on, I will respect him and be loyal to him for the rest of my life, no matter rich or poo

k." Seeing the surprise in Rita's eyes, he smiled with self-mockery. "But now it seems that you are still good to Rita, so I can leave at ease."

Hearing Neil's words, Rita was a little surprised and asked, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going back to America in two days. Our family's business is mainly to attack the market in the United States, so I have to focus on the United States now."

Although it was a pity, it was Neil's choice. Rita would respect his decision. Moreover, she had married with Glenn, so even if Neil let him stay here, it would only make her sad.

"When will you come back?"

"I don't think so. My whole family is going to emigrate to the United States."

"Really?" Rita was stunned for two seconds and then said, "Then I wish you all the best."

"Thank you."

When Rita was about to leave, she saw Neil' parents, walking towards her. Thinking that they had been good to her, she felt more guilty.

"Uncle, aunt, I'm really sorry."

Neil's mother just smiled and patted on [楚楚]'s shoulder. "Silly girl, marriage is a big deal in life. How can you be casual. I'm glad that you can find the one you love. You don't have to feel guilty. The most important thing is that you can be happy. "

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