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   Chapter 346

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6895

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Rita was about to say something else, but the shop assistant had already taken out the ring. "Miss Rita, this way please."

After taking a look at Joanna, Rita followed the shop assistant to check the rings.

Joanna was waiting outside. Not long after, Rita came out.

"Let's go to have dinner."

"What do you want to eat?" Joanna knew that she would definitely have to treat Rita a big meal today, so she decided to celebrate for her. The last night of her marriage should an unforgettable night. Rita would be a wife from tomorrow on, and maybe she would become a mother soon.

"I know a good restaurant nearby. Let's go and have a try."

Rita took Joanna to the restaurant. Looking at the familiar place in front of her, Joanna smiled and said, "why do you want to come here for dinner?"

This was the small restaurant that Joanna often took Wilson to dinner before he could regain his memory. Since high school, the three of them, Joanna, Rita and Miller, had often come here for dinner. They were very familiar with this place. After work, they rarely had time to come here again. Now when they saw this place for the first time after they graduated, they even missed it so much.

"I haven't been here for a long time, so I want to have a taste here. After all, this is a treasure place we found."

They found an empty seat and the two sat down together.

"Boss, we need a dish of a crayfish, a hot fat sausage and a dozen bottles of beer."

The boss, who was greeting guests in the distance, heard what Rita said and then jotted down what she had ordered just now. It was a small restaurant that Rita had accidentally found this place when she was in high school. The crayfish and hot fat sausage here were very famous, and the price was very cheap. Although the price had risen a little over the years, compared with other restaurants, it was not only delicious, but also very affordable.

"Well, I remember that both of us and Miller haven't been here for meal again since we graduated from university." Recalling her previous memory, J

Joanna said awkwardly. She didn't expect that they could not even finish them all. Thinking of that they used to be good-appetite enough to eat a pot of crayfish alone. It seems that their appetites had been weakened.

"I'm full too." Rita also felt a little embarrassed.

The proprietress of the restaurant didn't like it the most when someone was wasting food. Rita remembered that they had ordered a lot of food once, so they hadn't finished them all at the end. As a result, the proprietress nagged them for a long time.

Although many years had passed, they would never forget that experience. They didn't want to have another try.

The two looked at each other, "Did Wilson like those dishes?"

Shaking her head, Joanna said, "I'm sure he won't eat it. Besides, this is the leftover food of us. He won't eat either. What's worse, if he knows that I went out for street food again. I will be prohibited to taste it for now on. "

Hearing what Joanna said, Rita couldn't help but feel sorry. She didn't expect that Wilson would be so strict with Joanna.

"Forget it. I'll take it with me. It's better to be scolded by my mother than by the proprietress. "

In the end, Rita had no choice but to ask for a bag to pack the leftover food and take them away. The proprietress stared at them for a long time and still did not speak, but scared Rita and Joanna.

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