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   Chapter 343

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Seeing the disbelief in Gary's eyes, Joanna suppressed her desire to laugh and waved at Kitty. "It's okay. You can leave now. I have something to talk with Mr. Gary."

Kitty just glanced at Joanna in confusion, but she had to obey the order, so she turned around and left the office after taking a look at Gary.

"Mr. Gary, please have a seat. I think you may not be in the mood to drink coffee now, so I won't serve you that." Joanna said with a smile, but her smile was chilling.

"You Why Why are you here. " The moment Gary saw Joanna, he thought he might enter into the wrong office. How could she be here? Even if Helen admitted that Joanna was her granddaughter, how could she let Joanna manage the Wan Group so soon?

But now the person sitting in front of him was indeed Joanna.

"As you can see, I'm the acting chairman of the the Wan Group now. Do you have any doubts?" Joanna said with a formal smile on her face.

Gary looked at her. It was the first time that he had seen such a smile on her face. It seemed that a Joanna had turned into a tough and shrewd business woman from a pure and innocent girl, which made her much more attractive in Gary's eyes.

"No, I'm just a little curious. I didn't mean anything else. I hope you don't mind." After all, it was Gary who asked for help, so he said respectfully.

"Mr. Gary, I don't think you are here to congratulate me, are you? If you have something to ask for, just say it," said Joanna. She didn't want to beat around the bush with him, so she came straight to the point.

"Director Joanna, you are so frank. To be honest, I do have something to ask for today. I believe that you have seen today's news, but I still hope that you can help us for the friendship we have between the Wan Group and the Gao group. I promise that as long as we survive this crisis, our company can develop better. "

As if hearing a funny joke, Joanna laughed and said sarcastically, "Mr. Gary, we

hough the Gao group had dealt with some public relations crisis, it had no effect at all. Everyone's opinions began to favor one side.

Even Gary's father, the former president of the Gao Group, called the companies that had cooperated with him before, but none of them was willing to help. Even many of those investors had already withdrawn the capital from the Gao Group. For a moment, the whole company had fallen into a state of paralysis.

"Look at what you are doing. Now the stock of our company has fallen to the lowest point." His father angrily threw the newspaper in his hand on Gary's face and pointed at his head.

No company was willing to help the Gao group, and there were also officials from the procuratorate involved. It was estimated that it would be difficult for the Gao group to get through the crisis this time.

"Dad, don't worry. Let me think of another way to deal with it."

"Think of another way? How many companies have you asked for help these days? Is there anyone willing to help? Because of what you have done, I have lost my repute. "

"I have told you many times, but I didn't expect that you still mess up the whole thing. If you don't have the ability, don't do those things. Since you have done it, why not make sure you have finished a better cleanup."

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