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   Chapter 341 The Crisis Of Gary

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Although they often bickered, they really had a good relationship. There were a lot of things to deal with in the Yan group recently, Wilson still went home on time every day to accompany her.

"As long as you are happy, I will be relieved."

Looking at Clyde, Joanna joked, "Clyde, don't you have a girlfriend now?"

Clyde looked at Joanna in a daze and shook his head. "No."

"Don't ask too much. It doesn't matter what her family background is. As long as she is good to you. What do you thing?"

"..." Clyde smiled helplessly. "I don't ask for too much. Don't worry about me."

"Of course I will worry about you. Look at you, you are more than 30 years old and you don't have a girlfriend yet. You need to date first to see if she is suitable for marriage. If it's not the right person, when will you get married? I was thinking about being an aunt as soon as possible. "

Clyde didn't expect that Joanna could be so eloquent.

"I'll do it myself. Don't worry, okay? I promise you, if I have a girlfriend, I will tell you first. "

Hearing Clyde's words, Joanna stopped nagging.

After they finished their meal, Joanna went back to the company. Since Clyde had something else to do, he sent her to the gate of the company and left. It was time to solve the problem of Gary.

As soon as Clyde got in his car, he called his assistant, "Have you transferred all the money of Gary... Send a copy of the information we found before to the Gao group and the Procuratorate, and immediately make up the illusion that I have gone abroad... Make sure you do everything right."

He closed the phone and leaned against the seat, feeling relieved. It was easy to find out that someone like Gary had dirty things, so it didn't take him much effort.

In the manager's

t turned around and left. Gary opened the document and looked through it. Two minutes later, he threw the thing in his hand on the table.

"Damn it!"

The documents were full of evidence of some transactions of Gary. The Gao group was a very traditional enterprise, and Gary's father was also very traditional. If he knew what Gary had done, he would definitely be pissed off.

On the last page of the document, it wrote, "Mr. Gary, are you satisfied with this gift? I guess Mr. Gary will be very busy in the next few days. All the documents have been sent to the Procuratorate. I'm looking forward to your performance. "

"Damn it! Check who sent this to me just now."

"Yes, sir." Then the assistant turned around and ran out.

Gary smashed his fist on the table and wondered who it was. He had always been very careful about these things, but he did not expect that they would be found out. This person must be powerful, or it would not be so easy to find out these things.

After thinking for a long time, Gary still couldn't figure out who it was. How could people in the business world not offend others? But he really couldn't figure out why he hated him so much.

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