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   Chapter 340 Have Lunch Together

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Even if she went to the meeting, she would say that she was just studying and attended the meeting in Helen's place. Even the people in the department thought that she was only working for Kitty. 'Since Clyde was not an employee of the Wan Group, how could he know that I was in charge of the affairs of the Wan Group for the time being?'

"I had something to discuss with Director Helen. She told me and asked me to see you. She was afraid that you might not get used to it and let me see what can help you. But I saw it just now. I think you did a good job. You are awesome. "

"No, Don't make fun of me. I have studied for a long time to make it."

Patting on Joanna's shoulder, Clyde said with a smile. "It's okay. I believe you. You can do it well. Besides, Wilson can help you. "

"The Yan group has a lot of things to deal with, and the cooperation with the KW International is now in a critical period. I don't want to bother Wilson anymore. He has been very tired recently." Although Joanna had been busy with the matters of the Wan Group, she knew about it. Recently, Wilson had been very tired when he came back. Joanna knew that he was busy with the case. It was the first time that the Yan group had cooperated with a big foreign enterprise alone. Naturally, a lot of things had to be done personally, so it must be very hard.

"It doesn't matter. I can help you. Although I'm not as experienced as Wilson, I can give you some advice."

"Really? That's great. " Joanna ran to her desk and looked for something. She waved at Clyde and said, "Clyde, come here and check this."

With a smile, Clyde stood up and walked over. Although she could manage the Wan Group

could guess who was calling. Except for Wilson, Joanna wouldn't care so much about others, nor would she be so happy just because of a phone call. Sure enough, no one else could make her so happy except that man.

"Is that Wilson?" Although Clyde knew that the answer, he still asked and complained himself in his heart.

"Yes, he ask me what I'm doing. I'm not a kid anymore. "

Clyde could tell that although Joanna seemed to complain that Wilson was always worried about her, she was actually very happy. At least the smile on her face had betrayed her.

"In fact, Wilson was caring about you."

"Of course I know he cares about me, but he always treats me like a child."

Hearing that, Clyde thought, 'It's not because he doesn't understand, but because you are too simple and kind. He is afraid that you will be hurt.'

Clyde said. "You are just like a child."

"Clyde!" Raising her head, Joanna looked at Clyde and asked, "why did you say that to me?"

Clyde smiled, "Well, I won't say it again. It seems that you have a good relationship. "

Hearing what Benson said, Joanna just nodded shyly.

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