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   Chapter 333 Threat From Joanna

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Kitty stood at the table and greeted them with a smile.



It seemed that all the single men around wanted to show their affection in front of Kitty. Although Kitty didn't like this kind of behavior very much in her heart, after all she was not familiar with them, but she didn't have much aversion to them. Joanna could tell that Kitty was unhappy, but those people didn't notice or care about it at all. Joanna glanced at her mouths and said goodbye to Sherry. Then she stood up and said to Kitty, "Kitty, let's go. I have finished eating. I happen to have something to ask you." Then she walked out of the restaurant first.

Kitty followed Joanna out of the restaurant and didn't feel relieved until they got into the elevator.

"Thank you." Kitty said to Joanna, "to be honest, I really don't know how to deal with such a problem. Fortunately, you are here, or I really don't know how to get rid of it."

"It doesn't matter. We are colleagues, so we should help each other. Besides, you are with Miller now. If I don't help you get rid of those people's harassment, I don't know what Miller will treat me. Joanna said with a smile. Well, in fact, those colleagues don't have any bad intentions. They just admire you very much in normal times. When they saw you in the restaurant today, their reactions naturally felt a little out of line. "

Thinking of the scene that those people surrounded Kitty just now, Joanna felt a headache, as if she had seen a group of brainless fans.

Kitty seemed to recall what happened just now and burst into laughter. "I know. I don't care much about it."

"That's good."

The two of them chatted casually and went upstairs. Without taking a rest, Joanna directly looked at the remaining documents on the table without taking a rest. If she didn't hurry up, it might not be finished so soon.

"Kitty, I think there is something wrong with this document. You ask your men to verify i

on. You came to the company today for this, right?" Joanna took the document in the drawer.

She threw the document in her hand in front of Natalie. "Aren't you curious about what's in it?"

Hearing this, Natalie looked at Joanna and then looked at the things on the table. She reached out and opened them carelessly. But she was stunned at the first sight

"How did you get it? What do you know? " Natalie glared at Joanna as if she wanted to eat her up.

"You seem to have forgotten one thing. I'm the acting chairman now, so I know what you want me to know." Joanna smiled and said.

"You..." Natalie looked at Joanna in horror.

"I'm not interested in the appointment or cooperation between Natalie and the chairman of the board, or anything about your brother. But I can understand that in the current situation, I'm in charge of the group now. You'd better not make any trouble for me during this period of time, otherwise I won't let you go. "

Looking at the cold eyes of Joanna, Natalie couldn't help feeling cold all over. Now Joanna was different from before, but she didn't expect that he would change so much. Didn't the scene she saw at Helen's house last time tell her the truth? Even though she entered the study without knocking at the door, Helen didn't lose her temper.

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