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   Chapter 332 Goddess Kitty

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6368

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Taking a look at Joanna, she knew that Charlie had a good relationship with Helen. But Helen had repeatedly warned her not to leak the news, so she decided not to tell Charlie.

"I don't know. I just got the news and asked me to take care of it for the time being."

Charlie didn't say anything. He looked straight at Joanna and approached her with a smile. Joanna appeared an alert look at Charlie and took a step back. And then she was caught by Charlie. Lowering his head, Charlie wanted to kiss her. Realizing what Charlie was doing, Joanna turned her head and dodged. Charlie stopped by the side of Joanna's face, and the breath he exhaled hit her ear.

"I believe you know it. But if you don't tell me, I will kiss you. You can choose."

What Charlie said surprised Joanna. She thought to herself, Charlie has a good relationship with Helen, so he should be on the side of Helen. It doesn't matter if I tell him.'

"I can tell you. Let go of me first." Hardly had Joanna's voice faded away, [Charlie loosened his grip and took a step back. He looked at Joanna with interest and said, "Go ahead."

"I can tell you why Helen wants me to take care of the company temporarily, but you have to promise me to keep this secret. I promised the chairman that I won't tell anyone else."

"Okay, I promise you I will keep it a secret."

"Well, not long ago, the chairman was diagnosed with cancer, but because it is in the early stage, the possibility of recovery is greater. Now she is in the hospital. From today on, there will be a series of checks, and the surgery will be arranged at a suitable time. "

Charlie looked at Joanna in shock. He didn't even know that Helen had been hospitalized. "Didn't you lie to me?"

"Why should I lie to you? Helen is indeed in hospital, so I will temporarily take care of the company's affairs during this period of time. "

Hearing what Joanna said, C

nly seemed to understand something. She smiled cunningly and said, "I think Kitty is really a good girl." Seeing that the eyes of the men present were lit up, Joanna continued with a smile, "Moreover, she is knowledgeable and knowledgeable. She is also very good at making western food, and she takes care of people very carefully."

Hearing what Joanna said, everyone was happier.

"But You don't have a chance. You don't even think about it."

Everyone was stunned and looked at Joanna more confusedly and said, "Why?"

"Because Your goddess Kitty already has a lover. "

Just when everyone was surprised, Joanna heard a familiar voice, "Joanna."

When Joanna heard Kitty call her, she was stunned for a moment, but she immediately returned to normal. She turned to Kitty with a smile, "Kitty, why are you here?"

All the people except for Joanna cast their eyes on Kitty. When they saw Kitty walking towards them, she seemed to be glowing. All the men present were stunned. They used to stare at Kitty from a distance, but today they found the beauty of girls.

Goddess was still the most beautiful when she walked. If she smiled, spring would come ahead of time, but It was the biggest news that a well-known goddess in the Wan Group had a boyfriend.

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