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   Chapter 330 The Counterattack From Joanna

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Without answering the question, Joanna threw the document in her hand onto the desk. "Please explain it to me."

When Helen heard that, she took the document and started to look it through in confusion. After taking a look at it, her face turned ghastly pale.

"How did you know that?"

"It's none of your business to figure out how I got this information. I just want to know if it's true." Although Joanna had confirmed it countless times, she still hoped that Helen could tell her that it was a false diagnosis, and it was not true. Helen was the only one related to Joanna by blood, she didn't want to live alone in the world in the future. She didn't want to lose anyone again.

"It must be Wilson who helped you investigate it. I've told them not to expose it, but you still got my diagnosis paper. The hospital is really untrustworthy, right?" Hearing that Helen did not give a good response to her words, Joanna was a bit annoyed since she didn't expect that Helen could so indifferent about her own condition.

"You haven't answered my words yet. Have you confirmed it?" Joanna had never spoken to anyone in such a serious tone like this before, not to mention that Helen was her grandmother.

When Helen noticed the slightly angry expression on Joanna's face, she didn't get angry but smiled. It seemed that she hadn't seen someone talking to her so loud, but she didn't feel irritated at all. Instead, she felt a little warm deep inside her heart. Was it because she knew that Joanna truly worried about her?

"Please sit down. The doctor's diagnosis report is correct. Are you caring about me now?"

Hearing this, Joanna sat down in a sullen face. "Since the doctor has said that your cancer is still in the early stage that could be cured, as long as you receive proper treatment, you can completely recover. But why don't you follow the advice of doctor? "

"Girl, I do listen to the doctor's advice and take medicine on time. I know my own health. I'm not that bad. The

you had a miscarriage. Did Wilson abandon you because of it?? "

As soon as Vicky finished speaking, she was slapped by Joanna on the face. With great strength, she slapped Vicky on the ground. Natalie, who was standing beside her in silence, just looked at her coldly.

Vicky covered her face with her own hand and looked up at Joanna standing in front of her. "How dare you hit me?"

"So what?" Kneeling down, Joanna pinched Vicky's chin with her hand. "I advise you that I haven't settled accounts with you for pushing me downstairs last time. I'm not in a good mood today. You'd better not provoke me. "

Joanna shook off Vicky's face, glanced at her contemptuously, and then left.

Only Vicky was left sitting on the ground in astonishment. Natalie looked at the closed door quietly and sat back on the sofa. She said lightly, "get up. She has left. Who are you sitting on the ground for? It's so embarrassing."

Natalie felt that Vicky was really a fool. As a woman, miscarriage was a lifelong shadow. Even if it was not caused by Vicky, she couldn't mention it casually. She even dared to provoke Joanna with it. Not to mention that she had heard that Helen attached great importance to Joanna. Even if she lost the favor from Helen, there was still a man named Wilson behind her, but Vicky had no one as backup.

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