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   Chapter 327

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Glenn didn't expect that his mother, Freda, would be so straightforward. Sure enough, he had found the right person to ask for help.

Mrs. Scott was only stunned for two seconds and then came to her senses. She smiled and said, "that's exactly what we want to talk about the marriage of the two children."

So the two mothers smiled at each other and began to discuss heatedly, from where to order the wedding dress, what kind of wedding invitation should be made, and how to prepare all kinds of things on the wedding. Rita looked at her mother resignedly and thought, 'I did get married. Why do I feel that the two moms are more anxious than me?'.

"Forget it. I'll leave it to mom. We're busy anyway. We don't have to worry about it." Said Glenn with a smile.

Rita nodded. Anyway, she was really afraid of trouble. Thinking of so many things about the wedding, she was already very tired at the time when she help to arrange the engagement ceremony for Wilson and Joanna.

"Shall we do Chinese style or western style? Do you want to do it in outdoor or hotel or church? " Freda took the wedding plan paper she had prepared and asked for Mrs. Scott's opinion.

"Rita, what do you think?" Mrs. Scott thought she had to seek her daughter's opinion, so she asked Rita.

"Well, whatever It's up to you. " Rita didn't have any special requirements in her mind. The wedding was just a form, and the most important point was the one who would accompany her for a life long time.

"Mom, just make it in the hotel. Rita doesn't like it to be too formal and fiddly. Our wedding should be simple."

Obviously, Freda was in a dilemma. She had planned to have a big plan for the wedding, "does it really matter?" This question was asked for the opinion of Rita. After all, all girls hoped that their wedding could be grand and perfect.

But obviously, Rita was different from other girls.

"It doesn't matter. A simple wedding is enough. I don't want to be so troublesome."

"Since you have said so, we will do as you required." Although Freda felt a little upset that she couldn't conduct her big plan fo

sistant Race, asking her to go to Helen's office after lunch. So she went upstairs with elevator after lunch.

The office of Helen was set on a separate floor, and the room outside was the office of assistant Race, so it was easy to reach there. When Joanna came in, the whole floor was quiet. She stood at the door of the office and gently knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Hearing the voice of Helen, Joanna opened the door and went in. Assistant Race saw her and left. When he passed by her, he nodded friendly for greeting and closed the door.

"What can I do for you, Director Helen?"

"Have a seat." When Helen heard that, she didn't answer her question. Instead, she walked to the sofa and sat down. Joanna had no choice but to sit on another sofa.

"How's your Spring Festival Holiday?" Helen asked first.

Puzzled, Joanna looked at her and answered, "not bad. Wilson's father was really nice to me."

"That's good."

"How are you doing?" Out of politeness, Joanna asked the same question.

Hearing that, Helen smiled ambiguously. "As usual. You have seen the people of the Wan Clan. I know exactly what they are up to."

Joanna didn't know how to answer her words, so she just sat on the sofa and remained silent. Looking at the nervous expression on her face, Helen smiled and said, "you don't have to be so afraid of me. Just take it as a conversation between family members."

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