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   Chapter 325 Meeting Parents

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In fact, she didn't know how to play chess at all. Joanna had been taught simply how to play chess by Wilson the night before she came here, but she was definitely not as good as Alexander, who was an expert in chess. Although she had told Alexander that she was a rookie at the beginning, Alexander had already said that he was just for fun and didn't care whether he would win or lose. But if she lost, Joanna would often be disliked by Alexander. In fact, she didn't want to play at all, but she had to play with Alexander for a long time.

"Uncle, please read some books first. I'll go to see if there's anything I can help Wilson." After making up her mind, Joanna was about to leave.

"He don't need your help. He can handle it by himself."

"I think I have a lot of things to do today, so I'd better go and have a look first. Uncle, you are so powerful that I'm not your opponent at all. Please let me go." Joanna smiled apologetically at Alexander and ran to the kitchen.

Watching Joanna running to the kitchen, Alexander smiled with relief. He would be happy if Wilson had a good relationship with Joanna.

"What can I do for you?" When Joanna entered the kitchen, she saw Wilson was busy in preparing the New Year's Eve dinner tonight.

For many years, she hadn't felt as warm as this year. Even if she hadn't married Wilson yet, Alexander had been very good to her. He treated her like his own daughter, and Wilson had always been obedient to Alexander. She was so lucky to meet someone like Wilson.

Joanna stepped forward, wrapped her arms around Wilson's waist from behind and pressed her face against Wilson's back.

"What's the matter? Aren't you playing chess with my father?" Wilson sensed what was happening of Joanna, smiled and continued to do what he was doing, asking curiously.

"It's not a big d

Well, don't be complacent. Let's eat."

"Yeah, sit down and eat. I can't wait to have a taste." Alexander tasted it in a hurry. It was really good. It seemed that he could recruit the servants back later and let them enjoy the New Year at home. He would recruit them back when Wilson came back.

Alexander thought to himself.

The three of them chatted happily. There were no children or firecrackers at home. They just ate quietly and watched TV.

Joanna had never felt the warmth of home before.

Rita, who was also going to meet her parents, had been worried all the time. Marriage was not only related to herself, but also to the future of the two families. Fortunately, her parents were both sensible people, and they didn't have the strange idea like "My daughter, who has been brought up hard by me, was taken away by you". So they were kind to Glenn.

When they arrived at the house of Glenn, Rita became a little nervous. Although she had met Freda many times and she often came back home. But this time the meaning was different, so it was inevitable that she felt a little nervous.

Noticing Rita's uneasiness, Glenn took a look at the rear-view mirror and gave up the idea of holding Rita's hand.

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