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   Chapter 324 Surging Waves

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6329

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Francis, please bless mother until she can bear the responsibility of the Wan Group alone, and also bless Joanna.

Holding the photo of Francis on the table, Helen prayed in a low voice. Since he found Joanna, Helen felt that she was much closer to Francis.

Race, who was standing aside, saw the tiredness on the face of Helen and couldn't help persuading, "Chairman, you are expected to have a rest first."

Hearing this, Helen frowned and waved at Race. "I'm fine. Have you got the inspection report before?"

"It has come out." Race's voice was carefully. She had planned to tell Helen after the New Year, but she asked first.

"What did the doctor say?" Helen asked indifferently, as if she didn't care.

Race glanced at the Helen awkwardly, "well..."

Hearing that, Helen glanced at Race and said, "Go ahead."

"Yes, you has been diagnosed, but the doctor said it was still in the early stage. If you take an operation as soon as possible, it will be better."

Hearing what Race said, Helen was stunned. "Okay, I see."

Race couldn't help but persuade when she saw Helen's reaction, "President, let's do the surgery as soon as possible."

Helen rubbed her eyebrows and said, "I see. Let's talk about it later. The top priority now is to deal with the family affairs. Remember to keep it a secret. If others know it, I don't know how much troubles I will get. "

"I see. Everyone is here. You can go downstairs now."

Hearing this, Helen stood up and walked out of the study. "Let's go. I also want to see how big trouble they can make."

Race followed Helen downstairs. She had worked in the Wan Group for almost thirty years. It could be said that she knew more about Helen than anyone else. Helen had done more for the Wan Group than anyone else. The world of the Wan Group was dominated by Helen herself. Therefore, she cared more about the future of the Wan Gro

ad to endure it.

The others didn't say anything either. They all knew what had happened to John and what Helen had done behind his back. In fact, everyone knew that there was no secret wall in the world, so they knew it clearly, but they did not expose it.

Race stood quietly aside. Over the years, she had been with Helen, and she knew Helen better than anyone else of the Wan Clan. She looked coldly at the struggles on the table. She heard that there were too many schemes and struggles in the Wan Clan.

On the surface, they seemed to get along well with each other, but there were always struggles in the dark.

On the contrary, Wilson's family was really harmonious and warm. Before the New Year, Alexander had given all the servants a holiday, and they only needed someone to cook at home, so Wilson naturally shouldered the heavy responsibility. There were only three people at home, so the dinner on the New Year's Eve was very simple. They were all home cooked dishes. Wilson was busy in the kitchen, and Alexander played chess with Joanna. But her playing skills were too bad, so she kept losing.

"Joanna, you can't let me win. You have never won." Alexander packed up his chess pieces with murmuring and was about to play the next round.

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