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   Chapter 300 The Last Dance

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6290

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"We have honored to have invited the famous designer W. I know you may be very curious about this woman, but I hope we won't disturb her to enjoy this party tonight." Joanna had just told Helen about it when she was waiting for Joanna at that moment. She knew W have high popularity around the world and didn't want to see her troubled tonight, so she asked Helen to do her a favor. It might not fully work, but it would be better to speak it out.

Helen had delivered a long opening speech, but all the guests were not that focus on the speech and couldn't wait to start the party as soon as possible.

"Now, let's enjoy the annual meeting of our company,"

When the masquerade was officially announced, everybody clapped their hands and the music was wild in the hall. Celebrities from various media made toasts and communicated with others, while the employees of the Wan Group talked in groups.

"The annual meeting is a great one. Thank you for your hard work," Wilson proposed a toast to Joanna with a smile. He had attended the annual meeting held by the Wan Group before, but the topic of this year was indeed quite interesting and attractive. It was the first time for Joanna to take charge of such an important activity and she needed more encouragement.

"I'm not the only one who contributed. People here have helped me a lot, especially at W. Without her, I would have been in a mess." Joanna said modestly. She was also happy to see that everyone liked the party.

"She has been staying in our home, eating, drinking and doing nothing. It's normal for her to help you,"

As soon as Wilson finished speaking, W came out from behind. She patted his shoulder and said, "what are you talking about?"

Wilson was taken aback by the girl who suddenly appeared behind him. "I didn't say anything bad about you. Joanna said you helped her a lot." Wilson swore he

ng? Let go of me. " Joanna whispered. She didn't want others to notice anything unusual, but she felt uncomfortable all over when she was so close to Charlie.

"I didn't do anything, just dancing." The laughter of Charlie made Joanna couldn't help but become more irritable. "There are so many people watching us. If you push me away like this, everyone will notice us. Besides, isn't this your idea? I don't think it's appropriate for you to push me away like this. "

Hearing that, Joanna looked around and other four pairs of dancers were dancing intently. If she pushed Charlie away now, it would certainly draw much attention.

Feeling the hand on her waist, Joanna blushed. "Move your hand away! Take it off my waist. "

"How can I dance with you if I move my hand away from your waist? "

"You..." Unable to find a word to retort him, Joanna thought this man was really shameless.

"Rest assured. Wilson is still here. I'm not crazy. I won't do anything to you." Charlie said jokingly. But in Joanna's ears, he was shameless to flirt with her.

"Shame on you!" Joanna said in a low voice, but Charlie heard it. "I haven't done anything yet. Shame on me?"

Joanna didn't want to talk to him, right at that moment, the music stopped.

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