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   Chapter 285 The While Lover

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6433

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"I'm not in the company now. Louis came here today. We're going to have meal." Wilson looked at Louis and asked, "Honey, are you coming over to have meal with us?"

"Send me the address."

"How about we pick you up?"

"No,. It's rush hour now. We might have to be stuck in a traffic jam for a long time. I can go by myself."

"Okay. Take care on your way there."

As soon as Wilson hung up the phone, Louis got closed to him directly. "Is Miss Joanna coming to have meal with us?"

"Yes. But why are you so excited? " Wilson asked with a bit confusion in his mind.

"That's great. I haven't seen her since you left New York last time. I wonder if she's more beautiful than before." Louis ignored Wilson whose face turned dark gradually.

' she is my fiancee. Why do you keep thinking about her. ' Wilson thought to himself.

Joanna took a taxi to the address posted by Wilson. Anyhow, it would be bored to go home now, so she went to meet them. At least she didn't have to alone at home, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Fortunately, the traffic wasn't heavy on the road, so Joanna arrived at the restaurant soon and saw that Wilson was waiting at the door. Joanna quickened her pace and ran over. Looking at Wilson's red and frozen face, she reproached, "are you an idiot? Why didn't you wait inside? It's so cold outside. "

Seeing that she worried about him so much, Wilson smiled. Seeing that he was still laughing, Joanna got angrier.

"Why are you laughing? Did the coldness outside cut down your intelligence and make you a fool?"

"No, I just feel happy that you worry about me so much."

"Are you a fool?"

Wilson held her hands and comforted her gently, "look at your hands. They are frozen. I've promised that I will pick you up, but you didn't allow me. Let's get inside quickly. It's getting warm inside. "

They walked into the restaurant, and a waiter took off their coats for them.

time made people feel simple and beautiful.

"It's so beautiful!" Looking at the necklace in the box, Joanna couldn't help letting out a sigh.

Joanna's exclamation pleased Louis. Wilson also raised his eyes to study the necklace. It was indeed a beautiful one. "It looks nice. But I haven't seen this necklace in the market yet. Where did you get it?"

"Mr. Wilson, you have a good taste indeed. This necklace hasn't been released in the market yet. I saw it at a studio of a world famous designer named W by accident. I thought it looks great, so I asked her. She said that this necklace was called 'White Lover'. I think it suits you very much, so I offer her the price. It's the only one in the world. It's not very expensive, but it's pretty rare. " The ease of Louis's words was as plain as his nose on his face, but it draw Wilson's great attention.

The most famous designer named W was a tycoon in the fashion market. Wilson used to be eager to hire her for the wedding dressing design for Joanna for their following marriage. But he had no idea how to contact the designer W, which was still a problem haunting him. He had also heard that the designer showed few concern for money. She would never easily accept an offer no matter how much money she could get paid.

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