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   Chapter 204 I Am Yours

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6287

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Joanna wanted Helen to know that she liked to wear T-shirt, jeans or something else, just because she didn't like to tidy herself up. However, nobody could compete with her when she was serious.

The makeup class was over smoothly, and the dress class started from Thursday.

"I'll wait for you downstairs on time at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. The following class will be more tiring. Get ready and start to learn from scratch, both in temperament and image. In addition, you haven't grown up in the Wan Clan. But you have to study their family rules and family backgrounds within this week. "

Listening to Kitty's words, Joanna felt that the difficulties had just begun.

"Do I need to learn so much?" 'Why do I need to know the family profile and rules of the Wan Clan? Can I really learn all of this in this week?'

"It is preheated and the real beginning will be in next week."

It was too late for Joanna to regret having promised to come to the Wan Group. But if she didn't, Helen would have blocked the development of the Yan group. 'Why am I the descendants of Helen?'

Although she had heard that the Wan Group was very good in the eyes of outsiders, it was not attractive at all to her.

Rita looked at Glenn who was coming into her house, grim faced.

"Why are you here again? Don't you need to deal with the things of the Yan group? "

Glenn looked at Rita obsequiously and said, "Our business is more important. Now that Wilson has hired two new assistants, I don't have many things to deal with. You don't need to worry about me." He said while shaking the bag in his hand, "well, I bought dinner. It's the porridge from the restaurant you like. It took me a long time to buy it. Have a taste."

Rita took the porridge from Glenn's hands and put it into the bowl. She wouldn't admit that she was bought off by the porridge.

"Come and eat with me

ing himself for fear that she was uncomfortable. Last time, she refused his proposal in front of so many people. He was a man who was sensitive to his reputation, but he still treated her as well as before.

She was deeply moved by every moment in their past, no matter it was noisy or sweet. She knew clearly Glenn's heart.

She must be lying if she said she was not moved.

"I am willing to..." Said Rita gently, stretching out her hand. "Help me put it on."

Hearing the answer, Glenn took out his ring trembling and put it on Rita's left ring finger. He was so excited that he couldn't even finish a sentence, "you... We... "

Looking at his reaction, Rita didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. "What are you talking about, are you become silly? Then I don't want to marry you. "

Hearing what Rita said, Glenn was excited. He stood up and said, "no way. You have already agreed to my proposal. The product has been sold and there is no return."

He put his arm around Rita's waist and pulled her closer to himself. Then he lowered his head and said, "I'm your man from now on. You should be responsible for me."

"What are you talking about? Shame on you! " Rita blushed and lowered her head, avoiding eye contact with Glenn.

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