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   Chapter 202 Typical Of A Strong Woman

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Kitty felt the gaze of Joanna and guessed her thought.

"It's just arranging the courses. If you can't do it, how can you come to present position?"

Joanna nodded in approval. She didn't know when she could have such ability. Besides, Kitty was difficult to get along with. She was unsure whether she could get through this.

When Kitty was not noticing, Joanna quietly sent a message to Wilson.

"The clothes I bought specifically before were actually rejected by Helen, and she let me start to learn how to dress this week... The girl who arranged the course for me was so cold and indifferent, I'm unhappy."

Wilson checked the message on the phone and could not help laughing.

But he didn't reply her message at last. She was expecting a quiet and relaxed day before the official study of company management.

However, Joanna was shocked. She had thought that it would be a piece of cake, but it turned out that the basic make-up knowledge was nothing.

"This is your make-up teacher, Miss Zoe. She is a high ranked scholar and has just studied in Korea. Study hard. Don't let your president down." Kitty simply introduced Zoe to Joanna and then left the room to the reception room outside waiting for the end of class.

It was her first time to be alone with someone she didn't know, so Joanna was a little nervous. But it seemed that Zoe was easier to get along with than Kitty, so she summoned up the courage to greet her.

"Miss Zoe, I'm Joanna Gong. Thank you for coming." Joanna hoped that Zoe wouldn't make things difficult for her.

Seeing the carefulness on her face, Zoe couldn't help laughing out, "Hey, you don't have to be so nervous. I am not Kitty. She is really cool, but she is a nice person. I'm easy-going. You can call me Zoe, and you don't have to call me teacher. "


at man said. There is no need for me to say anything more. "

Joanna was surprised that Kitty could speak Korean.

"Kitty, how excellent are you on? Can you tell me all at once in case that you will give me a different fright every time?"

Hearing that, Kitty cast a glance at Zoe and then kept eating. Seeing that Kitty didn't answer her question, Joanna felt a little embarrassed. Just as she was ready to eat, she heard Zoe said slowly.

"Kitty graduated from MIT with full scholarship every year, and she is now studying for a degree of economics and art as well as a master. She not only can speak English fluently, but also can speak Korean, Japanese, German, French and some Italian. Although she entered the Wan Group last year, she had already interned in a lot of large enterprises in the United States when she studied in college. She had rich working experience. So she was highly recognized by the chairman of the Wan Group. As for me, we were high school classmates and just returned home a few days ago. I thought it would be okay when Kitty asked me for help. "

Joanna was too shocked to say a word. She stared at Kitty in disbelief. She had never expected that Kitty would be so shrewd.

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