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   Chapter 198 A Surprise From Rita

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Updated: 2020-03-29 21:35

The waiter served the last dish, cream and mushroom soup.

However, it was not in Joanna's expectation that the usual delicious dishes gave her a strange feeling. Joanna felt disgusted, but she dared not show it.

Seeing that Joanna didn't look well, Rita asked worriedly, "Joanna, what's the matter with you? Do you feel sick? You don't look good. "

Trying her best to control her stomach discomfort, Joanna shook her head and said to Rita with a smile, "I'm fine. Don't worry." Although she said so, she felt uneasy in her heart.

"If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me. Don't hide it from me."

Joanna nodded and said nothing.

Miller suggested Rita to be more initiative in the relationship with Glenn. Since Glenn hadn't come to her, she should go for him. Rita rejected without any hesitation. She was an arrogant woman. How could she condescend herself and try to fawn on Glenn. But whether she would accept it or not, it could only be witnessed by time.

Joannameant to go to the hospital for a check-up. If she was really sick, it would be better for her to take medicine early, but she was retarded because she went to the Wan Group, so she didn't go to the hospital for a check. Besides, after that time, Joanna have never had such symptoms again. Maybe she was too sensitive.

Rita thought about it for a long time. She wasn't willing to take the initiative to come to Glenn, but she hadn't seen him for a long time. So she took her lunch to visit Glenn.

Looking at the caller ID on the phone, Glenn wondered why Rita suddenly wanted to call him.

"Rita." There were undisguised joy in Glenn's voice. It made Rita very happy to notice his joy. It seemed that she had done the right thing.

"Where are you now? Have you had lunch yet? " Rita pretended to ask casually, but in fact, she was very nervous.

She had never been so concerned with anyone before.

"I'm in my office, and I'll have lunch later."


t specially. In order to get fresh fish, she even bickered with a group of aunts.

'this must be the most unacceptable thing I have ever done since I was born, ' she thought.

"Rita, I didn't expect you to be such a good cook. I'll be impressed by your cooking skills enormously. After we get married, you can make dishes for me all the time."

Rita blushed when she heard Glenn's words, "I.. I never agree to marry you yet. "

"It doesn't matter. I can wait for the day you truly accept me." Looking at the blushed face of Rita, Glenn wondered that it was not far from that day.

Now that she didn't want to discuss this matter with Glenn, she changed the topic. "I found that you are very popular in your company. I noticed that several female employees are so jealous of me," she said

"Of course. Look at your boyfriend, he is so handsome and attractive. I'm much more popular than Wilson in the company."

Looking at his proud face, Rita was speechless.

"I would rather say that you know how to hit on a girl than admit that you are so popular. So I will be easier to believe it."

"I didn't. You can't doubt my loyalty, Rita. I swear I love you..."

"Come on, Glenn. You're good at sweet words. Everybody knows your love story. You must have said that a million times."

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