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   Chapter 197 A Talk Between Old Friends

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6573

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With a smile on his face, Wilson said to Joanna warmly, "OK, let's be the greatest business couple in the future."

As Wilson took Joanna back to the Yan Group. He made up an excuse that he was going to somewhere else for business conference. Seeing that Joanna had no doubt about it, Wilson directly drove to the place where he had appointed with Helen.

When Wilson arrived at the spot, he heard that Helen also arrived not long ago. "Director Helen, you are indeed a punctual lady."

"Business is very precious. Mr. Wilson is so young and promising. I have long wanted to have a private talk with you. Share about the experience and the strategy for business. "

Apparently, Wilson didn't pay much attention to her compliment. "Director Helen. I'm not here today to have formal business talk with you."

It was obvious that Helen didn't care about Wilson's rudeness. She took a sip of coffee instead and said slowly, "I know you come for the matter of Joanna. You may go straight to the point now. "

"Since you have said so, I won't beat about the bush. Joanna has told me that you want to cultivate her to be the heir of the Wan Group. "

"I do have this plan. What do you come for today?" Helen didn't deny it.

"I'm not against it, but I hope you understand something. First of all, although you are related to Joanna by blood, she did not grow up with you, so I hope you not to force her to accept the family affairs. Let her have the right to choose. Besides, Joanna has never been in the business circle before. So I hope you can be more patient. If you need anything, just let me know. "

Helen turned to Wilson and smiled, "you and Joanna are really connected in soul. I pretended that if she refused to meet me, I would try all means to interfere the cooperation project of the Yan group. And I knew she would agree for that. Now you come to me just because you want me to be good to her. You are really affectionate to each other. "


. Leave me alone."

"Well, you don't love me anymore."

Joanna had a bite of her steak quietly, and said slowly, "I never love you before."

"Ha ha!" Miller laughed out loud, pulling a long face.

"What are you laughing at?" Rita pretended she was going to beat Miller and immediately Miller raised his hand to apologize.

"It's my fault. I won't laugh at you. I am sorry."

Joanna no longer played jokes on her, "by the way, how is everything going between you and Glenn?"

"It's just so so. He's been too busy to see anyone recently. Hum, fortunately, I didn't agree to his proposal easily last time, or I would have fallen into the trap."

Listening to Rita's tone, Joanna knew that she must be a bit disappointed. The Yan group had a lot of things to deal with recently, so Glenn must have many things to deal with in advance.

"Don't make blind and disorderly conjectures. I believe that Glenn really loves you. You should not always put on airs. He's been very busy recently, so he may not have time to look after you. "

"Of course I know. I don't mean to blame him." Rita poked her steak, looking upset.

Hearing that, Joanna and Miller exchanged a glance with each other and shook their heads. They had been good friends for years, and of course they knew what was on Rita's mind.

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