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"She told me I'm her granddaughter. I came from the Wan Clan. " Even hearing the news from Jone and Helen, she still couldn't believe it.

Wilson wasn't surprised as he had expected it to happen in advance.

"Why are you not surprised at all?" Joanna stared at him in surprise, wondering why he could stay calm.

Wilson thought about it for a while, and finally decided to tell her the truth. After all, she had already known her own origin.

"I did doubt about your real identity, but I didn't tell you. I was suspicious when I asked you about The Heart of the Ocean that day, but you said that you didn't know the whereabouts of it, but I felt it was very familiar, so I sent people to look into it secretly. I found out that it belonged to the Wan Clan, so I started to suspect your origin. But I wasn't sure whether you were the daughter of that family, so I let you wear the necklace to go to the banquet held by the Wan Group with me. I saw the shock on Helen's face when she saw you, so I guess I was right. "

Joanna didn't even expect that Wilson had already taught the truth, but he kept the secret from her.

"Then why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know how to tell you about it. Although Jone was not that nice to you and didn't bear the responsibility as a father should do, I can see that he still love you very much. I'm afraid that if you know about the truth, you won't be able to accept it in a short time."

What Wilson said made her speechless. He was right. Joanna wouldn't accept the fact if Wilson had told her about it in advance. After all, it was merely his presumption, and there was no direct evidence to prove it. But this time she got to know the truth from Helen, with a piece of paper of paternity test.

"I know you are doing this for my own good. My father was good to me when I was a child. But I don't know why he has started to distance me and no longer cared about me. After my mother passed away, he picked up my stepmother and Emily to our house. That was to say, I would live a even more miserable life. He knew that my ste

work in the enterprise are all elites. So if you learn management skills from Helen, you can surely learn a lot. I hope you can study and develop with the help of Helen. But the Wan Group is a stressed and ambitious company. What's more, Helen was also a fastidious leader. Are you sure you could bear all these? "

Listening to his analysis carefully, Joanna knew that his analysis must be for her own good and it was rather thorough.

"I know. I'll stick to it. Even if I don't plan to take over the Wan Group, I could still be able to help you a lot with your business after I learn some skills and tactics from the the Wan Group." Joanna held his hand and said, "I'm here with you when I finish my business training with the help of Helen. "

The Yan group had a good development now, but it still had a lot of space for improvement. As a grown-up man, Wilson had his own responsibility. He just wanted to give her a comfortable and stable life. But he didn't want her to get involved in the dark side of the business world. He only hoped that Joanna would be happy and be herself. Even if it would be a little hard for Wilson to achieve his will, he would not let Joanna suffer.

But Joanna's care and concern about his business still made him so touched.

"Okay, if you are really tired with it or you can't undertake the pressure given by Helen, then just let it go."

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