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   Chapter 191 Old Story (3)

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"Well......" The two bodyguards stuttered, not knowing how to explain for fear of being blamed by Helen.

"Fine, fine. I don't want to listen to your explanation. You useless rubbish. Get out of here and don't let me see you again."

"Yes, madam." Seeing that Helen didn't punish them, the two of them quickly disappeared from the hall.

When Francis heard his mother's words, he quickly pulled Sally to his back and asked, "mother, Sally is my girlfriend. What do you mean by doing that?"

Helen slammed the table and shouted angrily, "who agreed to your relationship? And you dare to say that in front of me. Have you forgotten the domestic discipline? "

Although Sally had no idea what was the domestic discipline in this powerful families, she was worried that something bad would happen to Francis because judging by the movie or novel she had seen before, all the domestic disciplines were conducted by sticks.

"Francis, are you injured? Do you feel uncomfortable now? Let me have a look. " Noticing there were no scars on Francis's skin, Sally wondered if he was seriously injured beneath the clothes. Forgetting about decency, Sally lifted his clothes to check.

"How dare you do such a shameless thing! Miss Sally, I thought you knew your manner. I didn't expect you to be so dissolute." When Helen saw what Sally was doing, she flew into a rage.

Since Francis was a good student in conduct and academic performance, Helen believed that his son had been misled by his girlfriend, Sally.

Hearing her words, Francis held down Sally's hand and smiled at her gently. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me. My wounds have healed a long time ago."

Then he turned to Helen and said, "mother, I know you don't think that we will be a good match. But I can't follow your order in this mat

It was not until I met you that I gradually understood what had happened these days. And I also understood my mother's selfishness for me. In her heart, she will always put the family's interests first, and she has never cared about my feelings. "

After all, she was his mother no matter how cold and harsh she was to him. It was impossible for Francis not to feel sad. But he must abandon something if he wanted to be with Sally.

Noticing the displeasure on Francis's face, Sally held his hand and comforted, "how about we go home and ask for her forgiveness when she is less angry with you? After all, she is your mother. I can't bear to see her so cruel to you. Please give her some time. I will wait for her to accept me.". Just stay alone these days. "

Upon hearing this, Francis turned to look at Sally. "It is the greatest honor for me to fall in love with you, sweetheart. You're always so considerate. I believe my mother will notice you are a good girl," he said with a big smile

"Well, take your time."

While Francis was focusing on driving, he didn't notice that Sally smiled kindly and put his hand on his belly.

As for Francis, Sally had hidden a warm secret from him.

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