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   Chapter 184 Philter

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"I knew from the beginning that Wilson just treated me like a trick. Later I thought that only when you were present would he pretend to care for me and act intimately with me. However, as long as you were not by my side, he would become indifferent to anything, including me. I didn't know why, but since your relationship has been exposed, I've figured it out. He did all of this just to make you jealous. And I was only acting with him as an poor guy. "

Linda's voice was calm, but Joanna could feel that she was still sad. The man she had loved for so many years suddenly said he was going to marry her, and they were even engaged. Just when she thought everything was smooth, he suddenly called off the engagement to her. Even if it was her fault, it still made her hard to accept that Wilson felt in love with another woman, Joanna.

"Sorry, i..."

"It's not your fault." Linda interrupted her with a smile, "you don't have to feel sorry. We were informed at the press conference not long ago that you two fell in love with each other earlier than my relationship with Wilson. Strictly speaking, I was the mistress."

Even if Linda forced a smile, the sadness in her voice couldn't be hidden. Joanna didn't know how to comfort Linda.

"Don't worry. I didn't have any plot for you. I just came here to greet you when I saw you. Don't think too much."

"Thank you."

Linda raised her glass, pretending to propose a toast to Joanna. "I propose a toast to you. Take it as my best wishes for you and Wilson."

"Thank you, Linda. You're so kind. I believe you'll find the one who loves you the most," Without any doubt, Joanna took a sip of the wine, without noticing the vicious look in Linda's eyes.

Linda was about to say something else, as lon

nding away his chauffeur, Wilson sat in the driver's seat. He didn't know how much longer Joanna could endure, so he must hurry back as soon as possible.

"Honey, you must know your situation now. You were poison with philter. "

Her brain was buzzing, and her body was hotter and hotter. Hearing what Wilson said, she was unable to respond for a long time.

"You mean I was being poisoned... with philter? "

Wilson's face became more and more gloomy. He didn't want to take advantage of the situation. "Yes," Wilson answered

Did it mean that she would have to do sex with Wilson to solve it?

The thought of two naked bodies intertwined with each other made her blush unconsciously.

They didn't talk to each other. The atmosphere in the car became weird for a moment, except for Joanna's heavy breathing, which hit Wilson's heart. Every minute was a torture for both of them. Wilson stepped on the gas and rushed home at full speed.

After the car was parked in the underground parking lot, Joanna was no longer conscious, and she just knew that she was very uncomfortable now. She rubbed herself against Wilson, trying to relieve the heat from her body.

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