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   Chapter 183 Meet Again

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6056

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Helen smiled, "Mr. Wilson, you are so young and promising, your father must be very proud of you." She glanced at Joanna next to him, "is this your girlfriend whom you announced not long ago? What a wonderful match! "

Hearing that, Wilson was overjoyed. He liked to hear others say that he and Joanna were perfect couple.

"Thanks for your praise. "

"Well, young people are supposed to do something they want to do. Before you get old, don't be overcautious,"

Looking around Joanna, the more Helen found that Joanna resembled her son. When her eyes fell on the necklace, the Heart of the Ocean, around Joanna's neck, Helen trembled and soon returned to calmness.

How could "The Heart of the Ocean" be with this girl? Didn't that woman disappear with this necklace? Why was it here today?

But the action that Helen herself was absent-minded for an instant was still noticed by Wilson.

"Your necklace is so beautiful. I wonder where it was made." Helen was more sure that the girl named Joanna in front of her was her granddaughter who had been left outside. But to make it sure, she had to get more information.

Hearing that, Joanna touched the necklace on her neck subconsciously.

"Well, this necklace was given to me by my mother, but it doesn't seem to be anything worthy." Joanna explained patiently although she felt strange about the question.

After all, she couldn't afford to offend Helen.

"Your mother? She left it to you.. "

"My mother passed away when I was thirteen. This necklace is the only thing she left to me."

She was shocked to hear that news. If she was right, the first news she heard about the woman was that she had passed away.

"What's the matter, Madam?"

Joanna's words brought Helen's mind back to the present, and she realized her gaffe. "I'm sor

rted those words out, she regretted having said those words. Almost everyone could have discerned that Linda wasn't having a good time recently. She used to be very beautiful. How could she become so haggard in such a short time.

"Just so so." Linda went straight to the stone bench and sat down. Handing a glass of wine to Joanna, she said, "why don't we have a drink? It's too stuffy inside. I also want to take a flesh breath here."

Looking at her hand, Joanna wondered if Linda didn't mind her.

Seeing that Joanna didn't take it, Linda smiled with self-mockery. "Are you afraid that I would poison you?"

When Linda was about to take back the glass, Joanna grabbed it from her and said, "how could that be?" She came to the bench and sat down with Linda.

"Linda, don't you blame me?" Joanna knew that it wasn't appropriate to ask such a question, but she still wanted to know her true feelings.

Taking a sip of the wine, Linda said with a bitter smile, "of course not? I know Wilson has never fallen in love with me. How can I blame you? "

"Really?" Hearing what Linda said, Joanna felt a little guilty. She had thought that Linda hated her. It seemed that she was being mean to her.

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