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   Chapter 176 So What

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Eve calmed down and thought, 'I haven't signed any documents recently. How could someone get my signature?'.

No! Eve thought for a while. She had signed some documents with the man called Mark not long ago, because he asked her to do so and she wasn't suspicious of him.

Was it at that time then....? Eve began to regret. She was too impatient at that time and did not check the documents clearly before signing them casually. But now, she couldn't get in touch with Mark, and even Wilson...

Wait a minute.

The more Eve thought about it, the more she felt that something was weird. She had a feeling that it was premeditated. She recalled that Wilson deliberately talked about the investment project at home last time, and he recommend the broker named Mark to her, then her company was transfer to someone else for no reason. All these things happened to her as if they had been arranged. She believe that someone was cheating on her.

"Can you find out who took over the company?" Eve thought that it had something to do with Wilson. Who else would do something like this to her.

"Let me see." Eren checked the information on his personal computer. Eve's mind was cleared up and she had figured out what had happened. She was so eager to get more money as soon as possible at that time, otherwise, she wouldn't have been trapped in it.

If it was Wilson who took over the company, she wouldn't let him succeed so easily.

"Yes. It's said that the company is under the name of a woman named Joanna."

Joanna? Eve felt this name was a little familiar. It seemed that it was the name of Wilson's assistant, who was the woman whom Wilson had ever taken back home.

Thinking of this, Eve left the company directly and was going to question Wilson what did he mean by doing so.

Wilson cast a stern glance at Eve. He had predicted that she would come to him again. Of course she could speculate about something from the docume

Thank you for your help. But how did you just introduce yourself to Eve? You called yourself Mark? It took me a long time to react. "

The man who gave Wilson a phone call was exactly the man who allegedly called himself Mark. He was a classmate of Wilson, and had a major in finance. Now he was doing investment too. Wilson had come to him to help with the company transfer procedure. He had mixed the transfer documents with the investment files and made Eve sign them all. But luckily, Eve was so brainless, otherwise she would have noticed.

"Damn it! I even changed my name for your shitty idea. Whatever, you must buy me a dinner in return and you should attend with your dear Miss. Joanna. " Actually, the man's real name was Ron instead of Mark. When Ron found out about the news about Wilson and Joanna, he scolded him from head to toe. He didn't expect that Wilson kept it as secret for so long that he even had no idea about it before.

Although he had browsed a lot of news about them on the Internet and also heard a lot of people talking about what kind of person Joanna was, he still wanted to see her personally. Ron was quite curious about Joanna, how did she grab the heart of that sophisticate man, Wilson.

"No problem. I will treat you a big feast after this period."

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