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   Chapter 175 . Deceived

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In fact, Joanna was very nervous. She was afraid that she might say something wrong and do harm to the Yan group.

The journalists were taking notes quickly. The man was kicked out before he could ask more.

"I hope that the reporters will give an authentic report of what happened today and do not spread rumors." The implication was that they shouldn't report anything improper.

After the press conference was hastened to an end, Wilson left the spot hand in hand with Joanna. Seeing that, all the reporters fished out their cameras, and flashed crazily towards the back of the two people.

All the news about Wilson and Joanna was overwhelming the media. In an instant, a lot of news was spread on the Internet. However, it was clear that both of them no longer cared about it.

Of course, Alexander had read the news and made a call to ask Wilson to make preparations for the wedding as soon as possible.

In fact, they had already gotten the marriage certificate, except for a wedding ceremony. But Wilson wanted to give her a complete memory, so from proposal to engagement to marriage, there was no shortage of it.

Wilson had already started to plan it. The proposal he made last time failed. Recently, he had learned a lot on the Internet, and would definitely come up with a romantic plan.

Of course, Eve also knew the press conference held by Wilson. Knowing that he had returned to the country, she went to the Yan group the next morning, hoping that he could help her with a solution.

Wilson had anticipated that Eve would come to the Yan group the next day after the press conference, so he told the receptionist to let her in directly.

Eve took a sip of the coffee just brought in by Joanna. She hesitated for a long time as Wilson was busy with marking documents. She decided to finish it as soon as possible.

"Wilson, though I don't want to bother you, I really can't find anyone for help."

was still troubled by the previous investment, but Lawyer Eren asked her to come to the company at such a critical moment.

"Here is a document that I have just received. Please have a look." Eren handed a document to Eve, indicating her to read it by herself.

Eve flipped through the documents and saw the title. Her face suddenly turned pale. The more she scanned, the more shocked she was.

"Miss. Eve, I called you here today just to confirm with you that the file has taken effect and the company is not yours from now on."

Eve didn't know what to do next. She didn't even know when the contract was signed by herself, but why the company was transferred to others.

"I was set up. I had no idea when I signed this document. I..."

"Miss. Eve, I do want to help you. But you have signed your name on it. The judge won't listen to your statement,"

Eve didn't know what she should do, she lost the control of the company. She had planned to extract some money from the company funds to deal with her own debt. It turned out that she had let someone else take over the company unconsciously.

"What should I do now?" It took her a lot of time and effort to own this company. She couldn't give it up easily, or else Alexander would look down on her and their son.

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