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   Chapter 174 The Press Conference

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6328

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Linda dropped the magazine angrily, her eyes filled with fury that she had never appeared before. Mrs. Smith came down the stairs and saw the magazine on the floor. In the photo, Wilson was hugging on Joanna's shoulders. Then Mrs. Smith asked the servant to take the magazine away. She walked to Linda and sat down.

When Linda saw her mother, she couldn't help but shed tears again, looking pitiful.

"Oh, my dear baby, don't cry. Your tears are killing me." Mrs. Smith held her daughter in her arms. Since the engagement was called off last time, Linda had been staying at home. She had been depressed all day. Seeing her daughter insulting herself like this, Mrs. Smith was also distressed.

"Mom, my heart hurts..." Leaning in her mother's arms, Linda cried her heart out.

Mrs. Smith patted her daughter's back. She felt heartbroken. But it was Linda who did the wrong thing. She didn't know how to retaliate for her.

"Honey, don't cry. You will meet a better man in the future."

"But I just like staying with you Wilson She cried

Linda swore to herself that she wouldn't let Joanna go.

The press conference was held soon. In order to make it official, Wilson attended together with Joanna.

"Mr. Wilson, I heard that the cancellation of the engagement with Linda had something to do with Miss. Joanna?"

Wilson's eyes darkened as he glanced at the journalist, but he still answered the question patiently, "as I said before, the reason why I canceled my engagement with Linda was just because she did something wrong and it had nothing to do with Miss. Joanna."

"Miss. Joanna, is it because of the fortune and glory that you choose to engage in a relationship with Mr. Wilson?"

Such a direct question caused a lot of noise, and it was a tricky question for Joanna. The commotion in the crowd was even louder

The emcee felt that the situation was a little out

I know, she is your half-sister. Not long ago, she was in jail. I thought you are dating with Mr. Wilson. Why didn't you ask him to bail her out?" The man words sounded as if he slapped her hard in the face. It was her private affair and she didn't want others to know it.

Wilson turned to a bodyguard and beckoned him to drive that man away.


Joanna stopped him. She couldn't escape from the question. If she didn't answer this question, others would only say that she was vicious. Even though Emily was not her biological sisters, they still shared the same blood, but Joanna refused to save her. No matter for herself or for the Yan group, such news would not be beneficial.

If someone with evil mind gets to know it, he will make a fuss about it. At that time, even her family would get involved.

"I know that Emily was put into prison."

The reporters were shocked. They couldn't believe their ears.

"But this has nothing to do with Wilson. I don't the need to distract people's attention from it. What's more, it was her own fault. She was spoiled by the family, which led to her unruly personality. I thought she must reflect on it in prison. Her life is still long. She won't have a new life until she finish her redemption. "

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