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   Chapter 172 Love Story

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 7220

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Wilson knocked on the table with his fingers. Her face was dark. "Which press called you?"

"A magazine publisher named The City."

Glenn had just received a phone call, which claimed that they have a picture of the CEO of the Yan group and his mysterious girlfriend. At the beginning, Glenn hadn't believed that because Joanna's identity had been hidden very well. It was impossible that she was photographed. It was not until Glenn received the pictures that he realized that the situation was really a little complicated.

In the photo, Wilson and Joanna seemed to come out of the supermarket with something in hand, which was taken when they went to the supermarket last night. Coincidentally, the paparazzi had been hired by an actor and happened to meet Wilson and Joanna went to the supermarket together. Seeing him go out of the supermarket with a woman, who were talking and laughing happily and felt something fishy, so he photographed it.

As soon as Glenn saw the photos, he came to Wilson for further decision. It was a serious matter, and the project of the cooperation with the KW International was about to start. If they didn't handle it properly, the Yan group would suffer certain losses.

Wilson hesitated for the same reason. Joanna didn't want to expose the fact to the public. Wilson couldn't only consider the profit for the Yan group, but also the will of Joanna.

"Please go out first. I will discuss it with Joanna." Wilson rubbed his eyes and beckoned Glenn to leave.

Glenn wanted to say something, but he didn't utter a single word and went out in a hurry. He was trying to persuade Wilson to take the profit as the priority, but he also knew that Wilson was also concerned about the feeling of Joanna as well, so it was up to him to deal with it.

As soon as Joanna came back, she was called to Wilson's office. When she opened the door, she saw his solemn face. She was a bit surprised and thought whether there was something wrong with the cooperation. But on second thought, it should not be Joanna herself whom Wilson would turn to when it came to the business of the cooperation..

"What happened? Why do you loo

they regained their love for each other.

The next day, the magazine with the news was all sold out as soon as it was published. It had been the first time that the entertainment magazines needed extra copies. The magazines had already placed orders for extra batches at the first time, but the press still received many complaints about the reason why they didn't do enough replenishment.

Everyone was talking about it for a while.

"I thought that it would be inappropriate for Wilson to call off the engagement with Linda, but I didn't expect this was actually the truth. I feel so sorry for Wilson."

"Mr. Wilson is the best man in the 21st century!"

"Did you see that. If you get half as good as Mr. Wilson, I will be satisfied. " A girl complained to her boyfriend with the magazine where there was printed with the love story of Wilson..

"How romantic!"

"The girl named Joanna is so kind. She is still taking care of him under such a horrible situation."

Stories about Wilson and Joanna were very popular. In fact, what the public wanted to know was not the truth of the matter, as long as what they saw now was enough for them to entertain themselves.

In the mind of many girls, the story of Wilson could be described as perfect. However, Joanna was hurt both physically and mentally. No matter how frustrated the couple had been, as long as they were together in the end, it was enough to be a happy ending.

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