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   Chapter 165 Fiancee

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Rita propped her hands up from the table and gave Miller a ferocious stare. "How dare you say that? It's all your fault. What a bad idea! You made me so embarrassed."

Miller comforted Rita and analyzed, "there's nothing to be feeling embarrassed of. Since Glenn is your boyfriend, it is quite normal to flirt with him and say sweet words to him. Besides, you can't always request he should be nice to you. You should also be nice to him. Love is a mutual action. "

"Got it."

Miller understood what Miller said, but she didn't know how to change her personality. From the very first day when she met Glenn, Rita was used to being aggressive and rude to him. It was hard for her to change another attitude and being sweet and docile.

On the next day, Glenn was always on cloud nine. The idea of that it was the first time that Rita asked him out for lunch made him overjoyed.

Wilson stared at him like he was a lunatic. Was it because Glenn had a nightmare last night or something else. It was so abnormal to see him behave like a childish boy.

When the noon came, Glenn went downstairs directly. Joanna was surprised by his enthusiasm. Although he was not as workaholic as Wilson, he seldom left the company in such a hurry when it was lunch time. She wondered why he behaved so abnormally.

"What's wrong with Glenn today? It's so strange. " Joanna asked Wilson, thinking that he would know something.

"I don't know either. It's so strange when he came here in the early morning. He didn't even respond to my words when I was talking to him." Wilson glanced at Joanna. "You must be tired recently. Go home early and have a rest."

Wilson felt sorry for her when he saw her working overtime with him like this. Wilson himself was used to working overtime because he had been in such condition when he took over the company. Wilson could clearly see the dark circles under her eyes and knew that she must have


Leaning against the back of the chair, Rita smiled ironically. "I'm his fiancee."

Hearing this, both Glenn and Lisa were stunned.

"Rita, you..." Glenn wondered if he was dreaming to hear that.

Wow, felicity comes so suddenly.

"Miss, do you need me to have you thrown out?" Lisa's face turned pale, she was too frightened to say a word.

Lisa replied nothing and went away dejectedly.

"I am leaving now." Seeing Lisa leave, Rita lost her appetite.

However, Glenn was still lost in thought "Rita, did you promise me to be my fiancee," he said

"I just want to help you drive that woman away. Stop dreaming, idiot."

Rita stood up and walked towards the gate, simply ignoring Glenn.

What the fuck! Rita felt so angry that there was a woman who seemed like Glenn's ex interrupted their lunch. What if there was a kid who alleged himself as Glenn's son one day.

Rita was not in a good mood. On hearing her strange tone, Glenn realized that she was angry. He ran out to chase her.

"Rita, don't be mad at me. I'm sorry." Glenn held Rita's hand and apologized, hoping she would calm down.

Rita stood still, without turning around or saying a word.

"Rita, I was wrong. I promise it will never happen again."

Rita turned around but said nothing.

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