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   Chapter 164 Learning To Be Coquettish

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"Come on, girl! You can ask Glenn to accompany you. "

Rita rolled her eyes and said, "he told me before that he was busy with the cooperation with KW International group. Besides, he hasn't called me for days. " Rita raised her head to look at Miller and asked, "do you think all men are the same? When he was still chasing after me, he behaved like a meek pet and do whatever I said. After he get me, I will be nobody. "

Shaking his head, Miller said, "no, I don't think so. For example, I'm not that kind of man as you presume. And I don't think Mr. Glenn would ignore you. When you had a car accident and were hospitalized, he took care of you with all his heart. Are these all pretended? "

Rita thought about it for a while and it seemed that Miller was right, but she always felt that something was wrong.

"As Joanna said, they all work overtime recently and he may have no time to come to see you. So it is time for you to take the initiative now. "

"I need to take the initiative? No way! I can't do it! " Rita shook her head hastily when she heard that. She had never tried to please anyone, even my parents, let alone to Glenn.

"Why not? Let me tell you. You shouldn't be too arrogant when in a relationship. Just think about yourself. Have you ever request something in a coquettish way? I beg you never try that."

Rita nodded. How could she do that? Just thinking about it gave her a chill. Rita couldn't imagine what she would do like that.

"I know you can't do this to him. Men all have desire to protect their girls. If you always behave so forcefully, how could he still be interested in you, unless he is masochistic. You need to act cute and sweet to him from time to time. It makes him feel that he wants to protect you. Then, his heart naturally belongs to you. "

However, in Rita's opinion, it would be easier for her to break

d on the phone, Miller couldn't help urging her.

"Well, that Because I miss you. "

As soon as she finished her words, Rita buried her head in her arms. She felt so embarrassed of herself for saying such sweet words.

Glenn couldn't find any words to describe his feelings now. Did Rita just say that she missed him?

"Rita, say it again." Glenn asked in a trembling voice. He pinched himself so hard as if he was dreaming. The pain was real and it was not a dream.

"Nothing. Drive carefully and call me when you get home."

Looking at the phone on his hand, Glenn giggled. He knew that Rita was very shy to speak sweet words, and he wondered why she said that to him. Just now he heard Miller's voice beside. It seemed that he should thank him for that.

Hanging up the phone, Rita hunched over the table, pretending to be depressed. Now all she wanted was to lock herself in a room.

Although she was very embarrassed, Glenn must be very happy now, thinking that he could surely win her heart.

"Well, just forget it. It doesn't matter to you. And Glenn must feel sweet for you words." Patting her shoulder, Miller tried not to laugh.

Every time Glenn recall the conversation between Rita and Glenn, he felt it so funny.

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