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   Chapter 157 Meeting Parents

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5918

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"Why would I object to your relationship? You are not with me." Besides, even if I don't like you, Wilson won't listen to me."

Hearing that, Joanna burst into laughter. She didn't expect that Alexander was so funny.

"I mean, I'm not from a famous family, nor a well-known school. I just an ordinary looking normal. At least... Miss Linda was better than me. In that case, don't you think I am not good enough for Wilson? " Joanna asked carefully. If Alexander knew she was an ordinary woman, would he still allow her to be with Wilson?

"So what if you don't have a distinguished family, Yan group is a big company. It doesn't need a marriage to go on. Education background? Marriage wasn't a brand nowadays. Who made the rule that only graduated from a well-known school was allowed to get married. Although Linda was a beautiful woman, but the inner part of a girl is also very important. And I believe that you are attractive someway because Wilson cares about you so much. "

"It sounds reasonable, but..." 'It was weird.'

"Besides, Wilson doesn't make money by himself. It is the wisdom of the employees in the Yan group. He can only make decisions for them at most. And he didn't graduated from the top University, he's not very handsome. After all, he's not as handsome as I was when I was young. " Alexander said.

Joanna was surprised to hear what Alexander said. After all, Wilson was his biological son. How could he make fun of his son? For a moment, Joanna didn't know what to say.

Alexander thought for a while and sighed, "Although Wilson was always with a cold face, he is very affectionate. There must be some reason why he refused you before. Don't blame him."

"I understand. I don't mean to blame him. I'll get along with him. Don't wo

able. I hope you don't mind."

Wilson glared at her, blaming her for saying the last sentence. But Joanna just smiled.

Hearing this, Eve also eased her expression. "Who are you?"

"I am..."

"She is my fiancee."

With her eyes wide open, Joanna thought, 'what a direct man!' But Eve was shocked to hear that. Wilson had just called off the engagement to Linda. Why did he get involved with Joanna again?

"Well, let's not talk here. Let's have dinner first." Said Alexander, trying to smooth things over. He always knew that his son and Eve didn't get along well with each other. But today, with Joanna around, it would not be appropriate to make the atmosphere too stiff.

At the dinner table, Alexander kept putting food in Joanna's bowl, "Joanna, eat more."

"Okay, thank you." The bowl was full of stuffs, which made Joanna feel a little hopeless. She looked to Wilson, hoping that he could save her.

Receiving the sign from Joanna, Wilson said slowly, "Father, I have an investment recently. I want you to help me consider it."

On hearing Wilson's words, Alexander stopped picking up food for Joanna, "tell me. Is there anything that you can't decide?"

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