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   Chapter 156 Let's Have A Talk

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Seeing the smile on Wilson's face, Joanna threw the towel to him and ran away, "you are a rogue."

Wilson thought, 'Wouldn't she take off her clothes before taking a bath? Why am I a rogue?' The thought of her retreating figure made him smile more.

"Be careful of your wound. Don't get it wet." Joanna's voice came from outside.


Then Wilson put his hand in plaster on the side of the bathtub. He had to depend on himself.

It wasn't long before he finished his shower and went out after getting dressed. Joanna made some light food as the wound hadn't fully healed. So during this period, Wilson ate porridge every day, but Joanna cooked it in different ways, so he had no complaints when he was eating.

He was willing to have porridge all year round, if only it was cooked by Joanna.

Because of the fire, the Yan group suffered a great loss, and the cost of its investment was not taken back, which caused a huge problem in the capital flow of the Yan group.

Wilson went to the company with his wounds and held a board meeting to discuss the solution.

Even Alexander personally came to the company. Fortunately, the Yan group was a big company. With his help, the financial fund of the company was raised.

"Dad, thank you so much." Wilson rubbed his temples. He had a headache after a long discussion.

"Well, you are my son. Of course I should help you. You are too young to handle it properly. What's more, it was just an accident. But luckily, you are okay. You can stay at home for a few more days. "

"No, thank you. I've rested at home for a couple of days. I still have a lot of work to do in the company."

Alexander knew that it was hard to change his mind, so he stopped insisting.

"Didn't you say that you would chase after Joanna? How is it going? "

e money." then she asked, "why do you want to see me?"

"I heard that you have been married. Is that true?"

'Would he say "if it's true, we'd better divorce as soon as possible."?' Thinking of this, Joanna answered honestly, "yes."

"In that case, I hope you get along well with each other."

"Hey..." Why was it different from what she expected? Joanna didn't understand what was going on.

"I know Wilson was engaged with Miss Linda, but I didn't know what happened between you two at that time. Otherwise, I would definitely stop him. There may be some gaps between you and Wilson, but you have to have a good chat to solve the problems between you two. "

"Uh... Don't you want me to leave Wilson? "

Alexander responded for a few seconds and then burst into laughter. "Do you think that was my purpose to talk with you?"

"I thought so." Lowering her head, Joanna felt a little guilty. How mean she was.

"Do I look like a stubborn old man? That kind of marriage concept is out of date. All those are bullshit. As long as you really love each other. "

"So you mean you don't mind me being with Wilson?" She was afraid that she might misunderstand him, so she double checked.

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