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   Chapter 155 Help Me With The Bath

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The next day, Joanna helped Wilson to pack up his belongings. The discharge procedure was done by Glenn and he was the one to send them back.

Wilson's left hand was in plaster, which was hanging on his neck, and his palm was wrapped with gauze. The doctor especially told him not to lift heavy things for the time being.

"Joanna, you must help me teach Wilson a lesson. Now he is exploiting me, I don't even have time to date Rita."

Taking a glance at Glenn who was driving, Wilson answered, "Shut up. Could you please be alert while driving? "

"You see? I'm not even allowed to speak."

Joanna burst into laughter. She nudged Wilson and said, "don't do that to Glenn. You are some mean. "

Then she patted on Glenn's shoulder and said, "don't worry.Now I and Wilson have all been discharged from the hospital. Tomorrow we could go back to company and start to work. You won't be so busy then."

"No way."

"That's good."

Wilson and Glenn popped out the words simultaneously, which made Joanna a bit awkward, and she had no idea how to reply.

Wilson grabbed Joanna's sleeve and said while he simply ignored Glenn, "sit a bit closer to me, honey. "

Joanna cast a glance at Glenn. And then she moved a little closer to Wilson secretly. Wilson's lips curled into a proud smile.

Joanna didn't move much to his seat, but only sat in the set place. Wilson was still somewhat dissatisfied. "Come over here. A bit more closer, with your shoulder. "

Joanna couldn't help whispering, "what are you doing? Glenn is still here. "

"I want to have a nap." Wilson just said that he wanted to lean on her shoulder to have a nap.

Then Joanna leaned her shoulder a little bit closer. Seeing that, Wilson directly tilted his head on her shoulder. The warm breath near her neck made her stiff and dare not move.

"Honey, what were you thinking just now?" Teased Wilson.

"No, Nothing. " Her voice was a little bit stuttered, and perhaps she just made a misunderstanding.

Wilson stopped a

"But I have a request."


When Wilson went into the bathroom, Joanna had got everything ready. Standing beside the bathtub with blindfold on her eyes, she said, "you.... You take off your clothes yourself. I can't see anything. "

"It's okay that if you take off the blindfold. After all, we are couple. It's okay for you to see my naked body." Wilson tried hard not to laugh, as he didn't expect that Joanna would have such an idea.

Hearing his voice, Joanna blushed and her heart skipped a beat.

"Check if the temperature is suitable."

"You can't see anything. How can you help me with my bath?"

"Hold your hands up. Trust me, I can do it."

Wilson sat in the bathtub. Then Joanna applied the shampoo on his hair.

"Close your eyes."

He felt the slight touch of her hands and found that he was enjoying every moment of it. He could not help but have a plan in mind.

"Ouch, the shampoo is in my eyes."

Joanna took off the blindfold in a hurry, looked into his eyes and asked anxiously, "what's the matter? Are you still okay with your eyes? "

As a result, Wilson were looking at her with a mischievous smile. Wilson's slender and sexy naked body popped into her eyes. Joanna suddenly felt that she lost her consciousness for a second. Then she pause for a while and didn't know what to do next.

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