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   Chapter 154 Care About Friends Less Than The Girl

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6596

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When Wilson opened his eyes, it was already midnight. The light had turned everything pale except for Joanna's hands which had held his.

When Wilson turned his head, he saw her dear girl, Joanna, lying by the bed. He was trying to get up, but Joanna was accidentally waken up.

Noticing that Wilson had regained his consciousness, Joanna asked excitedly, "Do you still feel hurt from your wounds?"

"Not at all."

How could it not hurt? He had so many injuries on his body, and his left hand was broken. Joanna knew that he did not want her to worry about him, but she did not have the heart to belie his words.

Wilson was about to say something. But before he opened his mouth, he began to cough violently. Joanna stood up but Wilson grabbed her hand subconsciously, "don't leave me."

Hearing the husky voice of Wilson, Joanna's eyes wet again, and she immediately sat back.

"I am not leaving, I'll get you some water."

Only then did Wilson loosen his grip. He gradually calmed down and took a deep breath.

Wilson's wound on his palm was a bit ripped as he grip her hands too tightly a moment ago.

Seeing that, Joanna's heart ache a bit.

It was not until then that Joanna realized how important they were for each other.

Pouring a glass of water for him, Joanna handed it to Wilson and tried to ease him.

"Are you an idiot? Why did you break in without thinking? "

"How could you rush into the fire so rashly?"

"I..." Joanna didn't hide her real thoughts. Now she understood how great important she was for Wilson, and she also valued him, so there was no need to hide her feelings anymore. "I thought you were still in the warehouse, so I went in."

Joanna replied frankly, which was rare to see. Thus, Wilson pause for a while.

"I knew you were inside, so I rushed in. Because I want to stay with you, because I love you. "

These explicit love words made Joanna blush. It was rare for her to speak such a direct confession. Sh

After rolling her eyes at him, Joanna turned around and left.

Wilson sat on the bed quietly waiting for Joanna, smiling at her.

The moment Joanna pushed the door open, she found Wilson on the bed, stretching out his arms and smiling. He fixed his eyes on Joanna as she closed the door and handed him the apple slice placed in the bowl.

Wilson cast a glance at it and begged, "feed me."

"Do it yourself!" Joanna handed it forward again.

"My hand hurts. I want you to feed me."

Joanna was speechless, then she forked an apple and extended it in front of him.

With a smile, Wilson opened his mouth and ate the apple that was handed to him by Joanna.

"Let's go back tomorrow. I don't want to stay in the hospital any longer."

Looking at him, Joanna frowned. "But the doctor said that you should stay for two more days for observation, you..."

"It's not a serious injury. I don't need to. Let's go back home tomorrow." Seeing the reluctant look on her face, he said in a spoiled way, "Come on, babe. I'm so bored staying in the hospital. I will go crazy if I continue to stay here."

Unable to change his mind, Joanna had to agree reluctantly, "fine, but you have to agree to a few request from me."

Wilson sat on the bed, seriously looking at Joanna and nodded.

"Okay, what is it?"

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