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   Chapter 149 Being Refused Again

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Rita clenched her fists, entangling inside.

"Sorry, I'm not ready yet." Rita finished her words and ran out, without noticing the disappointment in Glenn's eyes.

Again? Glenn was refused again?

Noticing that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, Miller tried to enlivened everyone present, "all right, it's all right. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy yourselves."

Seeing that Rita running out alone and Glenn didn't chase after her outside, Joanna sighed. She turned to wink at Wilson and went after Rita.

Noticing that Rita was sitting on a stool in the garden, Joanna walked over to her and sat beside her quietly.

After a long time, Rita said, "don't you ask me why I refused him?"

"I'm waiting for your answer now. If you don't want to tell me, it's impossible for me to force you. So I am waiting till you get ready to tell me about your feelings. "

"Thank you, Joanna." Rita stared at her own tiptoes. Nobody knew what she was thinking about.

"Is he angry?" I refused him in front of so many people and just ran out like that. He must be angry since he didn't follow me out. "

"No, he isn't. But I can tell that Glenn is upset. " Looking at Rita, Joanna asked worriedly, "what's wrong with you? Didn't everything go well? Why did you refuse him? "

"I don't know what I'm thinking. I thought he is being too rash. Glenn is nice to me, really. But I don't think I have sorted out my feelings and I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm in a mess right now. "

"Do you feel uneasy about being engaged so soon?"


Then they fell into silence. Joanna didn't know how to comfort her. When she saw Glenn coming, she stood up and left. Immersed in her own world, Rita didn't notice that the person sitting beside her had been changed into Glenn.

"Joanna, I'm afraid of the illusion. I'm afraid that I can't see my heart clearly. I'm afraid that I agreed to marry him only because of

eliberately turned her body sideways.

Glimpsing from the corner of her eye, Wilson smiled like a child.

They arrived at their apartment soon. When he unbuckled the seat belt for Joanna, he found that she had already fallen asleep.

' Didn't she quarrel with me just now? ' She still fell asleep so easily.

Knowing that she had been tired for a day long, Wilson did not wake her up. He directly reached out and held her up in his arms. Unexpectedly, Joanna was awake.

Realizing that she was in his arms, Joanna blushed instantly. She struggled to push him away, but was stopped by him.

"If you keep moving, I will throw you down on the ground right away."

After finishing his words, Wilson pretended to let go of his hand. Afraid that herself would fall, Joanna hugged his neck unconsciously. When she realized what happened and was about to let go of his hand, they had entered the elevator.

"Stop struggling. What if you falls down? Don't blame that on me."

"Humph.", she threw a tantrum on him, wondering what she should do at the next second.

His emotion didn't change at all. He said calmly, " Just be a bit more obedient, naughty girl."

Joanna were speechless. She couldn't understand why her boyfriend, Wilson, could be so cocky and arrogant.

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