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   Chapter 148 Surprise or Scare

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"' Illusion ' is different from other urban novels. Mr. Miller, do you have any insights on this point?"

"It is said that art is based on life, but art is more important than life. But in my view, when it came to writing, it was hard to get rid of life experience. Life itself was not perfect, and love was the same. Not all the stories would possess a happy ending. "

"Mr. Miller, have you ever thought of any other endings?"

"Yes, it have. After all, everyone likes happy ending, but I want to fiction to be a bit more accordance with the reality. So that's why I choose the ending now. I can only say sorry to those fans who want a happy ending. "

"Why do you write this novel, Mr. Miller?"

"I just want to make you know that the fairy tales were not true. After all, they were fairy tales and we lived a realistic life. You have to train yourself to be a heroine, so that you can meet your hero in your life. "

Rita and Joanna clapped their hands intensely as if they were afraid that Miller wouldn't catch it.

"Illusion" was a story that I wrote for two years, although some of the details were not perfect, and perhaps some fans felt disappointed for it. But this is life, that's what I have been through in our lives. I hope that every reader could get something after reading this book. Again, thank you for you supports. "

It took Miller a lot of time to finish the questions and began to present the autography for his fans.

"Mr. Miller, your book is so amazing!"

"Mr. Miller, please keep going. I love your book so much. "

"We love you! "

"Wow! You look so attractive in the flesh! !"

"Mr. Miller, I want to be a great writer like you! "

Miller listened to their words and laughed happily. He was happy from the bottom of his heart. With so many people supporting him, it was worthy of his hard work.

He expressed his thanks and signed on the books patiently. He was

what to say.

"Although you always act like you don't care about me, I can feel your love. Although you are not exceedingly beautiful or gentle, I still love you than anyone else in the world. You are not my ideal type, but I still fall in love with you. Eventually, I find out that you are a good girl. I want to take care of you, protect you, and be with you forever. Although we have only been together for one month, I am very clear that you are the person I am looking for. You are the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with. "

Glenn took the ring out of his pocket and knelt on one knee in front of Rita. Everyone present was shocked and Rita was so stunned to speak.

"Will you marry me, Rita?"

Rita could not believe what she had heard. 'Is he proposing to me?' But wouldn't it be too soon since they had only been together for one month.

Glenn didn't force Rita to say yes and waited for her answer.

People around them began to shout "Kiss him!", and Rita was at a loss.

"Stop joking. Get up now." She whispered in Glenn's ears, hoping that it was just a game

"I'm not kidding. I'm serious. Rita, marry me. I'll take good care of you and protect you in the rest of our lives. " Glenn said earnestly again, with sincerity in his eyes.

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