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   Chapter 147 The Book Launch

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6316

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Glenn couldn't go with them since he said he had some work to do, Last night, Glenn made a call to Rita. He told her he felt sorry for his absent because of work.

Although Rita said it didn't matter, she was still a little disappointed in her mind.

However, what Joanna had said to her also made her start to confront her feelings for Glenn.

Although Rita always pretended to be indifferent about it, she did care a lot actually.

As soon as they arrived at the building where the book launch was arranged, Miller was shocked by the crowd. In front of the building, there were many fans, some of whom even held a big lighting board with his name on it.

"Wow, so many people are here." Exclaimed Rita.

"I didn't expect that, either." Miller was surprised and confused. He didn't expect that there would be so many fans here. He was so moved that he wanted to cry in an instant.

"See? There is no necessity for you to worry. Look at that, you got so many fans!" Joanna encouraged Miller.

"Yes." Miller clenched his fist. He tried to cheer himself up.

The car stopped at the gate of the venue. Then they got off the car and walked inside immediately. Fortunately, it was not that chaotic though the venue was overwhelmed by people. In addition, no one had seen Miller before, so even his fans didn't recognize his face.

The guests presented their own invitation cards to the security guard and went in. Almost all the press had arrived, and some of them had noticed Wilson also presented. They suddenly gathered around him as he came in.

Subconsciously, Wilson stood in front of Joanna to protect her, which was caught by the reporters.

It was not the first time that Joanna had been surrounded by so many journalists. But she was still a little nervous since it was her first time to be their focus.

"Mr. Wilson, who is the lady behind you?"

"Mr. Wilson, a

one after another. Everyone was holding boards with Miller's name.

After a short while, the host came on the stage. Then the public remained silent.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the book launch of Mr. Miller. Now, please applaud to welcome our great writer, Mr. Miller! "

As soon as his words finished, a thunderous applause was heard. Some excited fans even screamed out the name of Miller.

When Miller appeared on the stage, the fans screamed even louder. Miller wore a straight suit, with a delicate make-up on his face and his hair arranged nicely. Then he presented a smile.

"Hello, everyone, I'm Miller." Miller sat down with a brief self-introduction.

"First of all, thank you for your coming, and your support." As soon as he finished, the fans screamed again. "It's my first time to stand in public. I am a little nervous now. If I accidentally misbehave or act indecently later out of nervousness, I beg your pardon. Now every question about my novel could available. "

Miller he got less nervous. He could even feel himself trembled as he spoke those words.

"Excuse me, Mr. Miller, did you create your fiction 'Illusion' according to your real experience ?"

"Well, part of it. But mostly it is fictional."

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