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   Chapter 146 Jealous

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"I say nothing about it. And I remembered you have ever told me that Miller was your boyfriend at that time, and you even flaunted how much you loved each other."

Wilson must be jealous. Joanna could simply told that from his words.

"Come on, Iwhat are you jealous of? I already told you that Miller is my best friend, and that's it. Stop being jealous, okay?" Joanna pinched his face, which startled Rita, who was peeping at them.

Wilson was the boss of the Yan group. Now he was acting like a pet of Joanna.

"I trust you, but I just..."

"Just what?" Joanna interrupted him and stared at him with a sense of blame.


"That's good. Come on, sit down. It takes a long time for Miller to arrange everything. "

Joanna walked to the sofa and sat down with Wilson. She was a little embarrassed to see Rita, who was still standing aside. How could she forget that Rita was still there.

'did she see what I just did? No way, ' Joanna thought to herself.

"Hey, Rita, where is Glenn?" To avoid the topic, Joanna asked her immediately.

"He said he was busy and he felt sorry to be absent."

Hearing that, Wilson frowned. How could it be? Glenn asked for a leave from work last week in order to attend the book launch with Rita. How could he possibly have something else to do at that moment?

What the hell was he doing?

"I'm going to make a call." Wilson said to Joanna and walked to the balcony.

Watching Wilson walking away, Rita came to Wilson and asked curiously, "Hey, be honest with me. What's going on here?"


"Don't play the fool. I saw what you did just now. You pinched his face and make him like a meek pet, but he didn't get mad at all. Tell me what is your secret! "

Hearing what R

"No. You work at home everyday and of course you don't get used to the formal suit yet. Just be a bit patient and you will get accustomed to it. That's it. He looks good. What do you think? "

"Yes, I think so. You can't be as casual as before."

Judging from their serious tone, Miller didn't think they were joking.

"Thank you so much Mr. Wilson. "

"Don't mention it. Your are the friends of Joanna, It's not a big deal." Wilson answered politely.

"All right. Let's go to the venue now. More fans might crowd there already."

There were still some guests invited for the book launch. It was a small party, and there were 100 chosen readers to be invited to the venue to get Miller's autography.

It was said that there was someone who had secretly increased the price of the tickets online for sale. It must be a popular launch, which stimulate Miller's nervousness.

Miller was afraid that what if there were actually few people presented. But he didn't expect that there would be so many fans who supported him.

They all handed to the venue together, talking and laughing all the way, without noticing that only Rita was in a low mood.

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