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   Chapter 144 Happy Time 2

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Wilson carried the dished to the table, and asked Joanna to sit down, "have a taste first to see how my cooking skills are."

Joanna sat down and picked up a dish nearest to her to taste.

Just after she took a bite, Joanna spit out all the food in her mouth. She said with disgust, "the dishes taste too bad. Your cooking is getting worse."

Wilson hadn't cooked for a long time for Joanna. It was a good chance for him today, but he screwed it up.

"Is it really that bad?" Wilson asked in confusion.

"You will know as long as you have a taste of it."

Encouraged by Joanna, Wilson picked up the dish and had a try. Only the chef's own research was most helpful to the design, style, color and so on.

"It's not as good as those in restaurants. But it's okay. I don't think it's as bad as you said."

Wilson raised his eyes and saw Joanna bearing a smile. He realized immediately that it was just a trick.

"You lie to me?" Wilson walked to Joanna and extended his hand to her waist, tickling her.

"Haha I... I was wrong... Let me go... " Joanna twisted her body and tried to pat off his hands. But because of the itchy, she didn't have any strength, she could only passively bear it.

"Will you lie to me?" However, Wilson didn't stop, which made Joanna nearly out of breath.

"No... I won't, stop it! "

Wilson stopped and immediately sat back in his seats.

Joanna bent over the table. The 'fierce fight' was almost exhausted. She was afraid of itch, and Wilson found as an accident. Since then, He had been using this trick all the time.

"You... You are so mean, I can't believe you used this trick. " Joann

out lifting his head, Wilson bit the apple.

Just as Joanna was going to get up, she was pulled down by Wilson who had held her waist.

Staring at the face in front of her, which was getting closer and closer, Joanna widened her eyes and didn't know what to do.

When Joanna was in a daze, Wilson opened her mouth. Joanna blushed when she felt Wilson's tongue.

Noticing the reaction of Joanna, Wilson smiled and held his hand more tightly.

Wilson pushed the apple that was fed by Joanna into her mouth. She was going to refuse, but he gave her no chance to resist.

After a long time, he finally let go of her and burst into laughter seeing her flushing face.

"Honey, don't you know that you need to change your mood for kissing? Besides, I will listen to you from now on. "

"You rascal, I'm going to sleep."

Looking her escaping, Wilson had a brilliant smile, 'what a little fool. It was just a kiss!'

Looking at herself in the mirror, Joanna could not help but sigh.

It was half past eight, not the time for sleep at all. She blamed Wilson for making her stupid.

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