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   Chapter 139 I Love You

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6291

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Emily kept on explaining, but no one listened to her. That gun was given to her by Gary. Gary gave it to her when he kidnapped Joanna to threaten Wilson. He also told her that there was no bullet in the gun. However...

Then Emily suddenly realized that Gary had lied to her.

When Joanna woke up, she was in the hospital.

'where am I?'?

Joanna didn't regain her consciousness completely, she felt ache all over her body. The doctor had removed the bullet for her and bandaged the wound. Her wrists and ankles were all scratched by ropes, but fortunately they were not very serious. But the wound on her shoulder was so painful that she felt the sweat dripping on her face as long as she moved a little.

As she was about to get up, she accidentally touched the wound on her shoulder, and fell back on the bed. She closed her eyes and waited till the pain vanished. Damn it!

Just as Joanna was lying on the bed, the door was pushed open from the outside. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Rita and Miller coming in with a lot of stuff.

"Rita, Miller..." After getting away from the edge of death, Joanna sighed. When the bullet hit her body, she thought she would reach the heaven at that moment.

After putting the stuff away, Rita ordered Miller to look for a vase to arrange the flowers she brought for Joanna. Then Rita sat beside the bed.

"How can you be shot like this? What the hell was Wilson thinking?"

Hearing what Rita said, Joanna could not help laughing. It was lucky for her to hear that Rita was so concerned about her.

"It wasn't his fault. We didn't expect that Emily had a gun. It happened so suddenly that no one was ready for it."

Rita helped to lift the bed for her and make her feel better.

"But why Wilson didn't show up? Did he get hurt?" ' Was he injured after her coma? ' Joanna thought to herself, because Wilson didn't

don't talk for a long time even Rita come to visit you. The most important thing during this period of time is to take good care of yourself. If you have anything else to tell me, let's talk about it when you are discharged from the hospital."

"I know. How could you be so naggy?"

"I'm not being naggy. The wound on your shoulder does matter. Don't underestimate it."

"Okay, okay, I know. I'm not a kid. I know how to take care of myself. "

They stared at each other and pondered for a long time. When Joanna felt a little weird, Wilson said, "I love you. I want to be with you and protect you forever. After what happened today, I know how afraid I am if I lose you. I really don't want to bear such consequences again. "

It was not surprising for Joanna to hear that, but she was still moved.

"I Actually... "

"I can give you some time to think it over. You don't have to answer me in a hurry." Afraid of being rejected, Wilson said immediately.

Seeing the nervous expression on his face, Joanna burst into laughter.

"Don't be so nervous. I didn't mean to refuse you. I have also thought about this question after the accident, but I don't know how to express my feeling. Since you said, I will not reject your love again. "

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