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   Chapter 138 Inversion

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5853

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"Don't think that I'll let you go if Wilson don't show up, or I'll throw you into the sea to feed sharks." It seemed that Emily knew what Joanna was thinking.

Joanna looked at Emily whose delicate makeup had become hideous. She said to Emily sympathetically, "Emily, you are so pathetic."

"Pathetic? Me?" What Joanna said infuriated her. Emily slapped on Joanna's face directly and was going to give her another slap when she was stopped by Mike.

"Miss Emily, didn't Wilson say that you shouldn't hurt Joanna? If you had anything wrong with her, you would never get what you want. "

Thinking about what Mike said for a while, Emily nodded and sat down on the chair with anger.

"You, tie her up." Emily calmed herself down and waited for Wilson to come over.

Hearing that, Joanna's heart fell into an abyss. She had never been so scared in her entire life.

She wanted to see Wilson as soon as possible, but she was also afraid that he would get hurt when he appeared.

She didn't want to die, nor did she want anything bad to happen to Wilson.

She was only 26 years old. Her life was just beginning. She didn't want to die, not at all.

She hadn't married yet, and hadn't had a beautiful daughter yet. She hadn't even been legally married to Wilson, she didn't want to die...

'If I had known that I would accept Wilson without hesitation when he pursued me again, at least I wouldn't have left any regret.'

Joanna was regretted. She swore to herself that she would get back together with Wilson at once, if he could save her out this time.

Wilson drove to the dock, and silently glanced around. There were all policemen dressed in plain clothes, some dressed as fishermen, and some dressed as merchants. They all wanted

pain. Her wrists hurt, and her shoulders hurt too. She didn't dare to move at all.

The people outside the door heard the gunshots rush in. Wilson's eyes turned red. He hugged Joanna and felt her trembling.

All of a sudden, it became chaotic.

"All of you! Get down! Hands on your head!" The police quickly subdued everyone.

Emily stood still. She didn't want to shoot, but...

Soon enough, the police went up to her and pressed her hand to the ground with handcuffs.

After Emily came to her senses, she struggled and screamed wildly, trying to get rid of the shackles of her body.

"Let go of me! Do you know who I am? I am Mrs. of the Gao Family. How dare you do this to me? I tell you, my husband will not let you go. "

The policeman, who was in charge of her, didn't even look up at her. "So what? You are trying to kill people with a gun, you will be sentenced no matter who you are. Stop struggling. "

Emily immediately changed her attitude. "No, no, No. I didn't want to kill her. I'm not on purpose. I really don't mean to kill her. Believe me, I'm cheated."

But no one listened to her. He pressed her down and took her into the car.

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