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   Chapter 135 Kidnapping

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"Glenn, arrange someone to watch Cara. Watch her 24-hour shift and report her daily schedule to me. I want to know exactly when she go out, when she go home, who does she meet, what time and how long. You must find out everything about her. "

"Yes, I will do it right away."

'I must find out who exactly Cara works for. Maybe she knows more than that, ' he thought.

Wilson planned to find out the traitor, and meanwhile, Emily was looking for a way out for herself.

"Mike, I have something to discuss with you You can rest assured that money is no problem. As long as you help me handle the thing... I'll wait for your good news. I'll send you a photo of that woman. "

Hung up the phone, and Emily's eyes were full of coldness. Mike was a gang member, so he knew what to do. If Wilson found that Joanna disappeared, he would mess with himself.

Emily felt comfortable as long as she thought of the scared expression on Joanna's face. She called Joanna and told her the address.

When receiving Emily's call, Joanna was surprised. 'Why would she ask me out?' But it was true. Maybe she would find out how she knew her affairs with Wilson.

Then Joanna went out and took a taxi.

It was not easy to find 13 JZ road. She followed the house number one by one and finally found the building. She couldn't help wondering why Emily could meet her in such a place. But Joanna didn't think too much. She passed by a black commercial vehicle. Someone would park the car here which would get in her way.

Just as she was going to go upstairs, a white cloth was wrapped in front of her. Before she could react, she smelled a pungent smell, and then she lost consciousness.

Several strong men got out of the commercial vehicle which was parked nearby. They helped to carry Joanna into the vehicle and then drove away silently.

Another black car quietl

on her chin hurt and she was too scared to answer his question.

"Ha ha ha, you tell me, how can such a woman become Wilson's wife?" Mike burst into laughter when he saw the reaction of Joanna. Then he asked his men.

"Maybe she is very good at bed." Then he laughed out even more wantonly.

Hearing the obscene words, Joanna's face turned red and pale.

"I'm not Wilson's woman."

"What? I heard that you two are a couple. " Mike lifted Joanna's chin and rubbed her face with his other hand, "take a closer look. You are really beautiful. If you follow me, I promise you will have a happy life. "

Joanna turned her head away to avoid his hand.

"Wow, it's stiff. I like it."

For a moment, she didn't know what to do. She decided to play it by ear.

"We won't make things difficult for you as long as you are obedient to us. But if you don't listen to us, I can't promise what will happen." Mike threatened Joanna fiercely. Anyway, Emily just ordered to keep an eye on her.

"Take her inside and tie her up. You know the consequences if anything goes wrong." The man left to make a phone call.

Mike's men dragged Joanna to the room she stayed just now. In order to prevent her from escaping, they tied her to a chair.

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