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   Chapter 133 Another Plot

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6418

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"How could I stay calm still? You said you got married? But how dare you engage to Linda after that. And why the hell did I know nothing about it?"

"I was busy in the last few days, so I didn't have time to tell you. I got married during my memory loss, and my wife was Joanna. "

Alexander was stunned. He didn't expect that his son had been married several months ago. And he was only informed till now.

"Joanna? She is your assistant.

What the hell was going on? " Alexander was totally confused by his son's tricks.

"It was Joanna who saved me and took care of me when I lost my memory. Later I got married with her by accident. When I regained my memory, I knew someone wanted to kill me secretly, so I didn't dare to announce that I had married Joanna. I was afraid that someone would hurt her, so keep it as a secret. But there were some misunderstandings between us. I wanted to retaliate Joanna out of jealousy, so I agreed to be engaged to Linda. But now I want to get her back, so I had to call off the engagement. I didn't plan to marry Linda from the beginning. "

Alexander was stunned by his words. He didn't know that his son had such a shocking experience.

"Wait a minute. Let me sort out what happened. There is too much information and I am a little tangled."

Wilson had no choice my to wait till his father figured out what had happened. It is only the time matters till his father make it clear

"Oh, never mind. It's your business. I won't interfere. It's up to you." Waving his hand, Alexander stood up and walked out. He didn't want to think about that mess anymore.

As soon as he went out, he saw Cara chatting with Joanna. Seeing that the Wilson's father came out, Joanna went over.

"Mr. Alexander, what can I do for you?"

Alexander looked at Joanna from head to toe and didn't think she was special. She was neither pretty nor very capable. He couldn't understand w

oed to her mind. She couldn't believe it. It turned out that she was the only fool in the relationship.

Smith heard the record too. He was so furious that he didn't care about Linda whose voice became hoarse after crying.

"Damn it! Wilson you bastard!"

"Daring, please, please fight against the Yan group and to revenge for our daughter. Look at her, how miserable she is!" Mrs. Smith held Linda in her arms, feeling said for her daughter. She could not believe that her daughter fell in love with such a despicable villain and even engaged to him before.

"Linda', don't worry. I will bring justice back to you," It could be expected that how livid Smith was. Linda was his sweetheart, his beloved daughter. He could imagine how deeply she was hurt. And he suddenly realized that Wilson didn't respect his family at all!

"Alexander Yan, from now on, our family will be at daggers drawn with yours."

Smashing the phone hard could not even vent the only hatred in his heart.

Even if Smith couldn't destroy Wilson, he would definitely make him a hard time.

Linda lowered her voice, still crying. Her tears struck her mother's heart. Seeing the sadness on Linda's face, Smith felt sorry for her. He went to the study to plan the revenge against the Yan group.

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